The Chicken Kiev cooking hack that garlic butter lovers can't get enough of

Chicken Kiev leaking garlic butter on a plate
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Chicken Kievs are already delicious, with their crisp coating and garlic butter hidden inside, but now a new hack will help you make the most of this precious filling.

Whenever you’re tired from work or even just fancy a treat, the good old Chicken Kiev is pretty hard to beat. And the best bit about it? That garlic butter surprise in the center of course.

But when it comes to cooking your Chicken Kiev, there always tends to be one downside that is hard to avoid.

Chicken Kiev alongside salad on a plate

So many of us will have had the disappointing experience of cutting into our Chicken Kiev, only to discover that much of the garlic butter has already leaked out.

Now a new food hack that’s been gaining popularity on TikTok might just have the solution. And it’s just as yummy as the Kiev itself.

What is the Chicken Kiev cooking hack?

It seems that Chicken Kiev fans have found the answer and have been sharing ingenious videos on TikTok to spread the word. All you need is a simple slice of bread and the solution ends up turning into the perfect tasty side dish

Simply place the Chicken Kiev on top of the slice of bread in a baking dish when you put it in the oven. The bread will then soak up any of the escaping garlic butter and will leave you with a perfect slice of crispy garlic bread to go alongside your Chicken Kiev.

One TikTok user,  @Jack_mann shared a video featuring this cooking hack. The end result showed the bread was left golden around the edges, whilst the middle was soaked in amazing garlic butter. The easiest garlic bread recipe around!

Lightly toasted sliced garlic bread.

And if that’s not already tempting enough, he wasn’t the only one to share a video - and fellow TikTok user @_Miss_c_ upped the ante. They added a layer of cheese between the Kiev and the slice of bread, turning it into crispy, cheesy garlic bread at the end.

The videos have gone on to achieve thousands of views from people praising the Chicken Kiev hack.

There are some ways, such as turning the Chicken Kiev upside down on the baking tray or ensuring the chicken breasts are evenly thin if you’re making one yourself, that could potentially help ensure the garlic butter doesn’t leak. 

But this Chicken Kiev hack certainly sounds delicious! 

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