Asda is selling Toblerone and Smartie chocolate pizzas

Plus, they come with re-useable skillet pan!

Asda has launched Toblerone and Smartie Chocolate pizzas that come with a re-usable cast iron skillet and they cost less than £10!

We’ve got good news for any pizza lovers with a sweet tooth! You can now buy a chocolate pizza topped with Toblerone pieces or Smarties from Asda.

The countdown to Christmas is now well underway and you might be one of the families that’s already decided to put their decorations up. (opens in new tab)

If that’s you, we’re sure you can be tempted into a little pre-December indulgence and Asda have got just the thing to satisfy that craving.

In stores now are two chocolate pizzas, one topped with the iconic Swiss chocolate pieces, Toblerone, and the other topped with the classic colour chocolate beans, Smarties.

Both chocolate pizzas are also topped with marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Chocolate pizza

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The kits cost £8 and include the pizza dough baking mix, the toppings and the cast iron skillet pan needed to cook it in. You will need some vegetable oil to grease the skillet but other than that, everything is provided!

We think that £8 is excellent value given you get to keep the skillet pan but pizzas are currently even cheaper as they are part of the 3 for 2 deal running across Asda’s festive gifting. By using the deal the pizzas would cost just over a fiver each. They are available in store and online but are subject to availability.

People on social media have been excitedly commenting about Asda’s 3 for 2 deal and especially these pizzas.

One person wrote, 'Perfect dessert for pizza picnic night!”, while another put a request in to their tagged loved one by simply writing: “Stocking filler... please xxxx.'

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