Toblerone bars are set to revert to their original shape

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  • The Toblerone Gods are finally blessing us with more chocolate!

    Nearly two years after Toblerone changed the shape of their iconic bar, the brand has announced that they are once more changing the look of the legendary chocolate.

    But before you get stressed about having to adapt to an entirely new shape again (Toblerone is a big part of life okay, this is all legitimately stressful), we have some good news for you. It’s actually reverting to its original shape and – with even more chocolate.

    In 2016, American company Mondelez International, which owns the brand, redesigned the luxury Swiss bar by increasing the space between the classic nougat-filled peaks, meaning that fans were faced with a significantly reduced amount of chocolate.

    The usual 400g bars became 360g and the 170g were reduced to 150g.

    Toblerone lovers the world over took to Twitter to slam the controversial move, said to have been done to prevent the company from having to increase the price of the product.

    At the time, makers blamed the rising cost of ingredients for the decision, saying it was a choice between changing the look and reducing the size, or increasing the price.

    But after receiving so many complaints from loyal fans of the sweet treat, Mondelez have stopped production of the downsized 150g version and announced plans for a new option.

    As the bar will be increased to 200g (30g more than the original – winning), it’s likely there will also be a hike in price if you want to get your hands on the triangular fave.

    In even better news, if you want more than just 200g (er….always!), you can invest in a giant 4.5kg version. Yes, that’s 4,500g! More than 10 times the size of the “big” 400g bar.

    £75, Amazon

    Definitely a smart investment if your kids/hubby/parents/siblings and/or neighbour down the end of the street keep getting to it.

    Never underestimate the determination of a Toblerone addict.

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