Waitrose chocolate avocado Easter eggs are back - and this time they have some new friends

Obsessed with avocados? Well, Waitrose have the perfect Easter egg for you...

waitrose avocado chocolate egg returns

If you've succumbed to the nation's avocado obsession, then there's no doubt that you came across the chocolate avocado Easter egg last year.

Leading supermarket Waitrose listened to what the people wanted and came up with a chocolate replica of the fruit (yes, avocado is a fruit) for fans to indulge on for Easter.

And the result was uncanny.

Despite looking just like a giant avocado, the replica was 100 per cent chocolate and had no avocado flavouring.

With the shell and stone of the 'avocado' made of 70 per cent cocoa Belgian chocolate and the flesh made with white chocolate and natural food colouring, the 'egg-citing' (sorry) launch from Waitrose was a picture perfect chocolate model of the popular brunch addition.

waitrose chocolate avocado

Credit: Waitrose

And with the country's infatuation with the creamy, fleshy greens showing no sign of fading (the first dedicated avocado restaurant in London - Avobar - even launched last year) it is perhaps no surprise that the supermarket has expanded their range.

As well as bringing back the salad-like Easter treat, Waitrose has also added two new additions to the avocado sweet treat family.

Say hello to Baby Chocolate Avocados.

waitrose chocolate avocado

Credit: Waitrose

The mini versions of the avo look-a-like are made with the same recipe as the original, but are the perfect size for an Easter egg hunt, or two keep as a little daytime sugary snack.

Or if you're part of the ever-expanding part of the population that is switching to veganism, there's something for you too.

The retailer has launched Vegan Jelly Avocados, as a sweet Easter alternative to a classic chocolate treat.

waitrose chocolate avocado

Credit: Waitrose

'We know our customers love avocados, but we never realised quite how much until we launched our Chocolate Avocado last Easter!' said Waitrose & Partners' Easter egg product developer Kate Kind. ' The avocados were a huge hit with avo-lovers hunting for them in Waitrose & Partner shops across the UK.

'They sold out much quicker than expected and were such a talking point among family and friends that we wanted to recreate them with some fun, mini versions this year to make sure our shoppers had a whole array of avocado treats to choose from.'

The Vegan Jelly Avocados will be available in a pack of six for £2.50, while the Baby Chocolate Avocados will be available for £2 each or in packs of three for £4.

waitrose chocolate avocado

Credit: Waitrose

And of course, the avo-egg that started it all, the Waitrose Chocolate Avocado will still be available to buy, priced at only £8.

You'll be able to get the whole avocado sweet treat family online and in Waitrose & Partners shops from 24th February, so mark your diaries before they SHELL out!

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