How to make chequerboard biscuits

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  • Our chequerboard biscuits take things to the next level by making the completed chequerboard biscuits themselves big enough to play a real biscuit board game on. Despite the impressive result the process is actually very straightforward, so even if you’re a novice baker you’ll be able to achieve fantastic results in just a few easy steps.

    The trickiest bit is the icing, so if you’re not confident with piping then you could always just use pretty biscuit cutters to make your counters and use the biscuits un-iced – they’ll still taste great! Board game biscuits featured on the second episode of The Great British Bake Off‘s seventh series, so we had to have a go at making our own…

    The trick to getting a neat edge is the firm cookie dough. We’ve added in cornflour to help it keep its shape in the oven. Chilling the dough before baking also helps to prevent it from spreading during baking.

    Once you’ve mastered the basic board you can have fun coming up with games to play on it. We love simple classroom games like noughts and crosses, or snakes and ladders as the straightforward shapes lend themselves to being prettily iced.

    The best bit though, about these chequerboard biscuits, is obviously that you get to eat them once you’ve finished playing with them!


    For the vanilla biscuits

    • 220g salted butter
    • 200g caster sugar
    • 2 eggs
    • 550g plain flour
    • 100g cornflour
    • 2tsp vanilla extract

    For the chocolate biscuits

    • 130g salted butter
    • 150g caster sugar
    • 1 egg
    • 30g cornflour
    • 70g cocoa
    • 270g plain flour
    • 1tsp vanilla extract

    For the icing

    • 1kg icing sugar
    • 30g egg white powder
    • Your choice of food colouring
    • 180ml water