Frog cupcakes
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Learn how to make fondant frogs in just six simple steps with this recipe.

Vibrant blue buttercream, a fondant lilypad, and fondant reeds make these frog cupcakes look realistic. Why not add a yellow fondant crown to turn your frog into a prince. These cute little frog cake toppers would work perfectly on top of a large cake too.


  • 140g of dark green modeling paste
  • 120g of fondant and 120g of modeling paste mixed together and coloured gooseberry
  • 30g of pink modeling paste
  • 30g of chocolate fondant
  • 3 strands of dried spaghetti
  • Black sugar pearls
  • 30g of white fondant
  • 1 batch of our basic cupcakes
  • 1 batch of our basic buttercream, coloured blue

Frog cupcakes: Step 1

Bake a batch of 12 cupcakes using our basic cupcake recipe above. Make some buttercream and add the blue food colouring. Pipe onto each cupcake.

Frog cupcakes: Step 2

Frog cupcakes

The night before you need them (or longer as they keep really well in a cardboard cake box), colour and roll the dark green modelling paste. Don’t mix the colour in fully so you get a nice leafy pattern through the paste. Cut 12x 58mm circles and cut a triangle out of the edge.

Frog cupcakes: Step 3

Frog cupcakes

To make the lily roll and cut 1 large and 2 small daisies per topper.  Using a tiny ball of the gooseberry paste stick it in the centre of one of the small daisies, using your water brush wet around the sides of the ball and lift the petals up to stick to the sides, glue this to the other small daisy and then to the larger one. Using a pin tool mark the green centre with a few holes.

Frog cupcakes: Step 4

Frog cupcakes

For the frog you will need a medium ball of gooseberry fondant/paste. Make the smile using the edge of the circle cutter. Cut one small and one medium daisy from the gooseberry fondant/paste and cut the medium daisy in half for the back legs and the small daisies trimmed for the front legs. You’ll also need 2 small white balls of white fondant for the eyes with black sugar pearls stuck to the centre.

Frog cupcakes: Step 5

Frog cupcakes

To make the reeds  roll small sausages of chocolate fondant and wetting the end with a water brush push on to small strands of spaghetti. Trim to the desired height and push into the buttercream.

Frog cupcakes: Step 6

Frog cupcakes

(Image credit: Future)

Assemble the frog by sticking it to the topper with a brush of water and add the lily. Leave to dry on a drying sponge overnight, or in a breathable card box. Place the finished toppers on each cupcake.

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