How to make ravioli with Theo Randall

Celebrity chef Theo Randall shares his expert tips on how to cook the ultimate spinach and ricotta ravioli...

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Ever wondered how to make ravioli? Well celebrity chef Theo Randall, from the InterContinental hotel, proves pasta really isn't that tricky to make with his easy spinach and ricotta ravioli recipe.

This combination of earthy spinach and creamy ricotta cheese is the perfect Italian pairing for ravioli and is complimented by a good amount of seasoning and a generous handful of Parmesan. Fear not, Theo Randall says if you decide to taste the filling by itself you might think it tastes a little salty, but he says you must stick with it.

The reason why the center of the ravioli is on the strong side is that it needs to have a strong savoury taste, as this will help to make sure the ravioli is packed full of flavour so that it perfectly mixes with its simple butter and sage sauce.

Another tip from Theo when cooking ravioli is to make sure you have dried out the blanched spinach in a colander as much as you can. Otherwise, your filling will be too wet, which will make your pasta soggy.

He also suggests leaving the stalks on your spinach as this will help to create the perfect texture to your filling and says it is essential that you chop it very finely and once you have mixed it with the ricotta, you must heavily season it with salt and pepper.

Another temptation he says you must avoid is overfilling your ravioli. Simply make sure you are only filling a small teaspoon with your filling and that you have a generous amount of pasta surrounding them.

Preparation: For this recipe, we suggest using a deep straight-sided pot along with a non-stick frying pan, like those used in this recipe. Theo uses this type of pan, as you want to make sure your ravioli does not stick to your pan and therefore is super soft rather than overcooked.

You can also learn how to make pasta dough with Theo, however, if you are short of time or don't fancy making your own pasta, you should be able to buy pasta sheets in most supermarkets, which will work just the same.

Also to get ahead of time, prepare your pasta before and pop your ravioli in the fridge for 20 minutes prior to cooking. Theo also suggests not covering them in cling film as this will make the pasta become really soggy. Whereas if you leave your ravioli left open in the fridge, it will evaporate all the excess moisture left in the ravioli and will help to dry them out leaving them with a beautiful al dente finish.

Watch celebrity chef Theo Randall make the ultimate homemade ravioli


  • 350g fresh pasta dough
  • 500g fresh spinach
  • 200g ricotta cheese
  • 100g grated Parmesan

To serve:

  • 100g butter
  • 8 sage leaves

How to make ravioli

Step 1

Blanch the spinach in boiling water for a couple of minutes until just cooked. Drain and squeeze so the spinach is dry. Chop finely and mix with the ricotta cheese and Parmesan. Season with salt and pepper.

Step 2

Roll out one long pasta sheet. Cover any you’re not working on with a damp tea towel to keep it fresh while you work.

Pipe or spoon the ravioli filling evenly along one sheet with a gap of 3 cm.

Step 3

Fold over pasta, press down to release all the air.

Step 4

Cut with a ravioli cutter to give evenly sized squares.

Step 5

Place on a tray with flour and put in fridge. Leave for two hours to dry.

Step 6

Cook in boiling, salted water for 3-4 minutes until just cooked. Serve with melted butter and sage leaves.

Everything you need to know about ravioli

What are the best fillings for ravioli?

Ravioli is a super versatile dish and your fillings can be whatever your heart desires.

If you fancy a meat filling, why not opt for either ground pork or beef filling mixed in with burrata, ricotta, goat's cheese, or mozzarella? However, if you fancy stronger flavours why not opt for spicy meat along with your favourite soft cheese? And if you fancy a fishy filling, we suggest using either crab, lobster, prawns, or salmon.  

If you are veggie, there are even more options you can use such as mushrooms, butternut squash, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, olives, pumpkin, spinach, and cauliflower. 

All of these filling options work perfectly either with a simple sage and butter sauce or a tomato sauce of your choice.

How to store cooked ravioli

Cooked ravioli like many other pasta dishes can be stored in the fridge for up to 3-5 days if stored properly.

This means making sure you store your ravioli in an airtight container. You must also make sure you do not leave your ravioli out at room temperature after cooking it for longer than 2 hours because it will lead to bacteria rapidly growing on it making it unsafe to eat.

You can also alternatively store your cooked ravioli in the freezer indefinitely but it is important to be aware that the dryer your ravioli filling, the mushier it will be when thawed. 

The best ravioli to freeze are those with a sauce, as they can help prevent your ravioli from becoming overly dry and taste better when reheated.

How to reheat ravioli

Your two best options to reheat your ravioli is either by microwave, which is super quick and easy and perfect for those who may not have access to anything else.

Whereas, if you are at home you can alternatively use your hob for a fresher taste to your ravioli.

In the microwave:

  1. Place a portion of ravioli in a microwave-safe container
  2. Add a tablespoon of water to loosen up your ravioli
  3. Cover the bowl with a piece of damp paper towel
  4. Microwave your ravioli in 30-20 second intervals (20 if your ravioli isn't in sauce)
  5. Stir very gently at each stop – you don’t want any to accidentally break
  6. Once warm to your satisfaction, serve immediately

Over the stove:

  1. Set your stove to a low heat and heat a teaspoon of oil
  2. Gently add in your portion of ravioli 
  3. Add in 1-2 tablespoons of water to loosen up your ravioli and cover with a lid
  4. Cook your ravioli for 3-4 minutes, stirring when necessary
  5. Once warm to your satisfaction, serve immediately

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Specialises in Italian cuisine
Theo Randall
Specialises in Italian cuisine
Theo Randall

Theo Randall is a well-known Michelin-star chef who regularly appears on BBC One's Saturday Kitchen as well as an author publishing four successful recipe books including Pasta (2006), My Simple Italian (2015), and The Italian Deli Cookbook (2021), and The Italian Pantry (2022). His passion for food started from a young age when on his family holidays in Europe, where he became inspired by the European way of cooking and dishes and knew a culinary career was destined for him. His career began working as a waiter at Chez Max and after only a few weeks was asked by Max Magarian to work in his kitchen where he spent four years training in classic French cuisine. Then by 1989, Theo joined River Cafe and soon became head chef and under his patronage, it received its first Michelin star. He then went on to launch InterContinental in 2006 delivering delicious rustic Italian food in his prestigious location of No.1 Park Lane. Despite Theo's success, you will find him at most services at the InterContinental.

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