How to make risotto

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  • If you’ve ever wondered how to make risotto perfectly then we have good news. We asked Italian chef Alberto Rossetti from Brunello restaurant at Baglioni Hotel in London to show us how to make an authentic, rich and creamy Italian risotto. This simple dish can be the basis for so many flavours, so that once you’ve mastered the Parmesan version you can have fun experimenting with all kinds of different ingredients. Try adding mushrooms for a delicious vegetarian option (making sure to grab veggie Parmesan, too), or you could add grilled chicken for a more filling option. This simple risotto is so versatile, and can be eaten for a delicious starter at the beginning of a meal, or as a main course in itself. The secret to getting a delicious creamy finish is to use risotto rice. Alberto explained to us that carnaroli rice is the best kind, he thinks. It has an al dente finish with a smooth, creamy flavour. If you can find carnaroli instead of Arborio, give it a try! If you have any leftover risotto you could always make it into arancini the next day. Mix the cold rice with a little egg, roll into balls, dip in more egg, then breadcrumbs, and fry! You can stuff arancini with cheese, too, for a delicious melted middle. And who wouldn’t love that? If you’ve always thought this dish was complicated then this simple how to make risotto guide is the perfect thing to show you just how easy it can be with a little know-how! This recipe serves two people, so simply multiply the quantities if you’re feeding more.


    • 120g Carnaroli rice
    • 900ml vegetable stock
    • 1tbs extra virgin olive oil
    • 1tbs butter
    • 1tbs double cream
    • 50g Parmesan cheese, grated, plus extra slices to decorate