Lidl faces backlash for plastic packaging on pre-peeled onions

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  • Lidl has come under fire for selling pre-peeled ‘naked’ onions in plastic packaging and customers are livid.

    The supermarket giant is currently selling the ‘Naked Onions’ as a two-pack for 79p, in comparison to four large unpeeled onions in less plastic packaging which are selling for the lower price of 55p.

    Eco-conscious customers took to Twitter to express their anger over the situation, describing it as a ‘monstrosity’.

    One customer said, ‘Found this #pointlessplastic monstrosity in @LidlUK this morning. Seriously?! 2 peeled whole onions on a plastic tray wrapped in #plastic film. No @Lidl! Just no, I don’t have words for this #waste #plasticfree’.

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    While another tweeted: ‘Just as I was singing the praises of @LidlUK and their wonderful unwrapped veg, I come across this monstrosity – naked onions!!! Remove the perfectly good protection & then add plastic protection. Unacceptable Lidl.’

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    A Lidl spokesman told Metro Online, ‘At Lidl UK we are proud to have one of the highest proportions of loose fruit and vegetables of all British supermarkets, and continually test and trial the removal of packaging throughout the range.’

    ‘We remain mindful that packaging can be beneficial in optimising shelf life and helping to reduce food waste, both in store and at home, so we are also working closely with both our suppliers and industry partners WRAP, to increase the proportion of recyclable material used.’

    They did go on to say that this product and the use of packaging is only ‘being piloted in a select number of stores on a trial basis only’ and as such ‘customer feedback will be considered.’

    This was brought to the attention of the retailer after Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to get rid of all avoidable plastic waste in the UK within 25 years. According to the BBC, supermarkets including Lidl are in the process for setting targets to help reduce the problem.