Lidl’s Christmas dinner named the cheapest supermarket option for 2017

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  • Lidl’s Christmas dinner has been revealed to be the cheapest on the supermarket shelves this year.

    Every year Good Housekeeping ranks the price of the key ingredients of a Christmas dinner in the biggest supermarkets across the UK. Adding up the cost of a basket at the end of a festive shop, the magazine then reveals which is the cheapest supermarket to do your Christmas shop in each year.

    This year, due to inflation and other factors such as Brexit, families will be hit harder than ever by the cost of catering for their clan and cooking Christmas dinner. The annual survey conducted by Good Housekeeping found that cooking Christmas dinner will cost 18% more than previous years.

    However, there is some good news. The survey also found that it is still possible to make Christmas dinner for just £3.19 per person – but only if you shop in the right places.

    The festive feast food survey revealed that supermarkets Lidl and Aldi are the cheapest places to stock up on Christmas dinner essentials. Lidl just beat Aldi on competitive pricing, with a basket full of festive food coming in at £25.53 from Lidl and just 13p more as £25.68 at Aldi.

    The results are worked out by comparing the price of the key 11 ingredients of a Christmas dinner, such as from turkey, fresh festive veg and cranberry sauce, and seeing how much it would cost to buy enough to feed eight people of Christmas day.

    At Lidl, this means that cooking Christmas dinner for eight people would work out at just £3.19 per person.

    The most expensive supermarket results in the survey were those of high-end food retailer Waitrose. The first choice for food shopping for the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a basket of festive food shopping essentials from there will set you back £41.47, according to the results of the survey.

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