12 times Paul Hollywood was his brutal best during GBBO’s bread week

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  • This week on GBBO it was bread week, and wow, Paul Hollywood did not hold back.

    With bread being Paul’s speciality, it was always going to be a tricky week for the bakers.

    But even though the contestants managed to rise (geddit?) to the challenge, Paul was a difficult man to impress. From his icy-stares, to brutal put downs, here are all the times Mr Hollywood made the bakers dread the bread.

    1. When right from the very beginning, the bakers were already afraid of Paul’s judgement

    2. And his icy stare about how many eggs Candice used terrified us within the first five minutes
    Image: BBC/Love Productions
    Paul: How many eggs have you got in there?
    Candice: Four.
    Paul: *total silence*

    3. Followed by immediately shutting down Ravi over his little loaf…

    Which then turned out to be brilliant…

    4. He then told Benjamina she wasn’t making a babka, even though she was definitely making a babka
    Image: BBC/Love Productions
    Paul: That’s a couronne
    Benjamina: No it’s a babka!
    Paul: It’s a couronne…
    (But then Mary quickly put him in his place and told him not to be grumpy about it, because she’s that amazing.)

    5. Paul didn’t care that Andrew was following the ‘traditional recipe’ and only giving his loaf a single prove.
    Image: BBC/Love Productions
    Paul: The knocking back is quite an important process Andrew: My justification is it’s come from a traditional recipe Paul: That old chestnut…

    6. Even when he got close to giving Tom a compliment… it still somehow turned into a put down
    Image: BBC/Love Productions
    ‘You’re great with your flavours a lot of the time, but when you fail you catastrophically fail.’

    7. In fact, sometimes Paul’s most simple put downs were the best
    Image: BBC/Love Productions
    ‘You’re making a right pigs ear of that’

    8. And could wreak havoc on the bakers with just a single prod

    9. It was almost too much after he brutally destroyed Candice’s signature bake

    10. And he left us feeling raw after destroying Ravi’s technical challenge

    11. Paul visibly couldn’t handle Michael’s alcoholic showstopper…

    But at least he said they’ll go for a drink when the show’s over…

    12. At least at the end of it all, Paul realised he had kept his king of bread crown firmly in place
    Image: BBC/Love Productions