17 things only die-hard Harvester fans will understand

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  • If you’ve just been to Harvester once or twice and think it’s alright, this list is not for you.

    This list is for the REAL Harvester fans: the people who know the true elation of paying less than £10 for steak, chips, and a sundae. The families that have got their Diet Pespi refill routine down. The ones whose relationship with the salad bar runs much deeper than just a drizzle of thousand island and a half-hearted crouton.

    From the epic menu to the importance of a printable voucher, these are things that only die-hard Harvester fans will understand.

    We’ll see you at the bread roll basket, you bargain-hunting troopers.

    You have no patience for people who complain about waiting for a table

    Of course you have to wait for a table. It’s Harvester. Everyone loves it.

    Don’t they know you get a fancy buzzer and a refillable drink in the meantime?


    What more could you want?

    And when we say refillable, we mean it

    17 Pepsis is our personal record.

    Menu? Not necessary

    Just what the doctor order after work #harvester #ribs #jdsauce #freesaladbar

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    You’ve had your order locked down for years. Sauces, swaps, sides, done.

    Though you will admit the options are endless

    Meal at Harvester. Double carbs 🙈#slimmingworld #sw #harvester

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    Chicken with peppercorn sauce and a jacket potato? Whatever you want, madam.

    When they change the menu, it’s fairly soul destroying if your trademark meal disappears


    They really should’ve asked your permission first.

    But then you discover something even BETTER


    When they introduced the premium sides it was a total game changer. Just 50p extra for those sweet potato fries?! You’ve got yourself a deal.

    As soon as you’re seated, it’s straight up to the (free, unlimited) salad bar

    Harvester salad bar #saturday #evening #withchildren #harvester #saladbar #o2 #london

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    You know where the bowls are, you don’t need any instructions (and you’ll take as many as you like)

    I know it's free but 2 bowls from the salad bar?! #harvester

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    You go for 90% carbs and pile them high

    Lunch date with the mother! #lunch #salad #harvester

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    There’s a serious lack of green, but you make up for it in that delicious pasta, bacon bits and crispy onions.

    Their potato salad is without doubt the best you’ve ever tasted


    WHAT is in that magical sauce?!

    Three words: Warm. Bread. Rolls.

    Can't beat a harvester salad bar 👌 #foodpic #harvester #spytty

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    You’ll pounce as soon as the fresh ones are brought out. Eyes always on the prize (the prize being the wicker baskets).

    By the time your meal arrives you’re not even hungry, but you know you’re gonna clear that plate regardless


    Yep, even the pointless peas.

    But you’re still in awe of anyone who can finish a full mixed grill


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    They’ve basically just eaten half a farm.

    Dessert is obviously a yes

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    You’ve had your free sundae voucher printed out for three days in preparation.

    You still check if something’s been missed off your bill every time

    Birthday meal 🎈🍰🎉 #harvester #whiteley #birthdaymeal

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    All that beige, and it’s still so cheap?!

    It’s even got to the point where you know the staff members names and you have a favourite

    It’s you, Sharon (sorry Nick).

    But you’re never sad when you leave

    Because you know you’ll be back within the fortnight.


    Or maybe even tomorrow, because did we mention they do breakfast?