Sainsbury's launch low sugar, guilt-free rosé wine

The low sugar, guilt-free wine you should be stocking your fridge with this summer

Sainsbury’s have launched a low sugar, low calorie, guilt-free wine you should definitely be stocking your fridge with this summer.

The supermarket's bottles of Taste The Difference Bordeaux Rosé contain less sugar than a cup of raspberries and have less than 100 calories per glass - meaning you can enjoy a glass or two without worrying about straying too far from diets or healthy eating plans.

The supermarket’s pink vino costs £7.50 and contains just 0.2g of sugar per litre.

A cup of raspberries contains 5g of natural sugars

While we're not suggesting a glass will count as one of your five a day (far from it!), when it comes to wines, this is definitely one of the better ones. Low sugar wines usually have fewer calories too - and this one in particular only has 90 calories per glass.

And that's not the only reason you should opt for the pink stuff, as the production process and health benefits of rosé wine are apparently similar to those associated with red wines, including improved cardiovascular health and potent antioxidants.

Taste The Difference Bordeaux Rosé

Taste The Difference Bordeaux Rosé, £7.50, from Sainsbury's

While sipping on a glass of rosé might definitely have some benefits, some wines are better than others when it comes to how many calories you are consuming with every glass.

In comparison to other popular rosé wines on the shelves, the Sainsbury’s one is up there as one of the best choices when it comes to calories and sugar.

For example, Gallo Family's white zinfandel rosé contains 95 calories per glass while Mondelli Pinot Grigio blush has 107 calories.

If you’re a fan of Barefoot wine's white zinfandel rosé, then you may want to know you’ll be putting away 130 calories per glass, while Lidl’s Cimarosa Californian Zinfandel Rosé provides you with 111 calories per glass.

So hurry on down to Sainsbury’s and grab yourself a bottle or two - we know we will be!

Words by Kirsty McCormack


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