Start your day right (for less) with 67% off TRIBE

If you struggle to hit your protein intake goals each day then TRIBE might well be the oaty breakfast for you. Finding the right source of protein can often feel a little like a minefield with so many types, brands and flavours to chose from and then, once you've got through all of that, it's finding a vegan one.

Know that you're not alone if you feel like it's a little overwhelming - it is... The key, we've found, is to avoid whey proteins and instead get your protein fix from plant-based alternatives, like soy, pea or rice. These proteins are all known to help refuel, re-build and repair.

Start the day off right with none of the guilt and all the plant-based protein required to fuel an active and healthy lifestyle. Simply switch out bland porridge or sugar-laden granola for a bowl of TRIBE's Active Oats+. Each serving contains 10g of plant protein, 8g of fibre and 1 billion probiotics for great gut health. It sounds good, right? Even better, our friends at TRIBE  have given GoodTo readers an incredible 67% on your first pack of TRIBE's Active Oats + when you enter code 'ACTIVEPLUS' at checkout.

TRIBE's Active Oats+ range is available in four yummy low-sugar flavours: Nut Crunch, Choc + Hazelnut, Raspberry Nut Crunch, and Apple, Blueberry + Pecan.

Add a convenient boost to your week and trial Active Oats+ with our discount to get your first pack for £3 (usually £9) and customise to select your plant-based nutrition favourites...

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