Cleaning hack proves dishwasher tablets can be used to clean ANYTHING

If you haven't, you need to try this!
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  • Cleaning hacks prove useful but did you know dishwasher tablets can be used to clean ANYTHING?

    Cleaning hacks are genius when they work and the latest trend that’s got everyone hooked is using a dishwasher tablet to clean anything. Yes anything.

    How many times have you fully loaded the dishwasher, popped a dishwasher tablet in the compartment, closed the door, and not thought about it again until the machine beeps at the end of the cleaning cycle?

    Well, next time you let the machine clean the stubborn greased-up dishes, think about what else you’re struggling to clean and pop out another dishwasher tablet. Or you can make your own dishwasher tablets.

    But this time, instead of putting the tablet in the machine, run it under the tap and grab a cleaning cloth as the magic formula that makes dishes crystal clean can do the same for just about anything else.

    Dishwasher tablets

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    Is your cooker door glass too grimy to see when your dinner is cooked? Or maybe your washing machine drawer is clogged up with limescale.

    Don’t waste time trying to scrub off the dirt, unless you’ve got a dishwasher tablet to hand – but you must make sure you’re wearing gloves before you start to protect your hands from the chemicals.

    Oven trays and racks

    Are you too embarrassed about your baked on trays that you’re never keen to host a dinner party, or are you forever throwing them out and replacing them with new ones, only to have the same baked-on grime again?

    Well, dishwasher tablets can combat grease on oven doors, at the bottom of the cooker, on the racks or trays.

    One woman praised the technique on Facebook. She said, ‘After years of using strong chemicals and a tonne of elbow grease to clean my oven I am amazed that all it takes is a dishwasher tablet, warm water, and a light scrub.’

    She shared a more in-detail guide on how to use them. ‘Pot of warm water dipped the dishwasher tablet in and lightly used it to scrub the glass. Back and forth dipping into the water to keep it moist and washing the grime off.’

    Meanwhile, other users swear by soaking trays in a sink of water with a dishwasher tablet popped in for extra power, alternatively you can cover with foil and pour hot water over adding a dishwasher tablet on top.

    Rubbish bin

    If you’re struggling to reach the bottom of your kitchen or wheelie bin, then a dishwasher tablet can help freshen it up without the hassle – providing there are no holes at the bottom of your bin.

    Simply fill it with as much boiling water as possible – giving it a ‘bath’ – before dropping a tablet in. Remember to let it soak for around an hour, then pour out the water and rinse.

    Toilet stains

    If your toilet cleaner is struggling to remove stains around the bowl then you can dissolve a dishwasher tablet by dropping it in the loo. Wait for it to dissolve and then use the soapy water to scrub around the porcelain bowl to remove stubborn stains with ease.

    Washing machine clean

    Washing Machine

    If normal washing machine cleaners aren’t working to de-clog your drum of the dirt, then try popping a tablet inside when it’s empty and run it on a hot cycle. You will be amazed at the amount of dirty water that comes out.

    One mum shared her experience on Facebook. she wrote, ‘Decided to try use dishwasher tablets to clean my washing machine – I am now mesmerised.’

    And they can be dissolved in water too to clean the drawer using a toothbrush dipped in the solution.

    Get plastic patio furniture gleaming

    All you’ll need is a bucket of hot water, a dishwasher tablet dissolved in it and a sponge. Simply wipe down the items using the sponge soaked in the solution.

    Burnt pan bottoms

    We’ve all forgotten about stirring something on the stove only to realise that it’s baked on or worse case, burnt, and the cleaning up process can seem impossible when it comes to removing the burnt stains. but one man shared his technique for blitzing the burns.

    He advised, ‘Half fill a saucepan with water, bring to a boil and then let simmer for 10 minutes. I’ve done this a couple of times and it has completely cleaned my pans.’

    Time to get stocking up on those dishwasher tablets, and create your own tap to clean!

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