Dalgona coffee recipe

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The new beaten coffee craze, try our recipe for dalgona coffee.

dalgona coffee
Preparation Time15 mins
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The new beaten coffee craze - learn how to make our recipe for dalgona coffee.

Dalgona coffee is the new coffee craze sweeping the world. It has become a viral trend during the coronavirus pandemic and there are plenty of recipes making the rounds. We’ve created our own, simple version, here. Beware, you need to love the flavour of coffee and it sure does pack a caffeinated punch!

Because the amounts are quite small, it is easier to use an electric hand whisk (although if you’re feeling strong then feel free to whisk by hand!). Stand mixers can prove difficult as they are not always good at handling smaller amounts.

The key to making sure you get a good froth is to ensure you use instant coffee powder and not an espresso or shot of coffee from a machine. You then need to be patient with the whisking and keep going until the mixture grows in volume and peaks can be held in the mixture.

There are ways you can flavour a dalgona coffee, try mixing in ground cinnamon, nutmeg or some cocoa powder or sprinkling some on top. Alternatively, you could use chocolate milk or flavour the milk in other ways such as with vanilla extract.

Originating in South Korea, the word dalgona comes from a type of Korean honeycomb toffee, which the drink tastes like. If you want to make your own at home and share it on social media, use #dalgonacoffeechallenge and @goodtoknow to show us your creations.

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  • 4tbsp instant coffee
  • 4tbsp sugar (we used caster sugar)
  • 500ml milk (hot or cold)




  1. Whisk together the instant coffee, sugar and 4tbsp boiling water until thick and frothy. This will take around 5-8 mins depending on the type of whisk you use.
  2. Pour your milk in to your glass or mug and spoon on the frothy coffee.
Top Tip for making Dalgona coffee

Use very hot water to help dissolve the coffee and sugar instantly

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