Eggless pineapple cake and custard recipe

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Eggless pineapple cake with custard is a twist on a classic upside down cake. We've shaped ours into a ring for an egg free bake that still rises beautifully

  • healthy
Preparation Time20 mins
Cooking Time45 mins
Total Time1 hours 5 mins
Cost RangeCheap
Nutrition Per PortionRDA
Calories336 Kcal17%
Fat16 g23%
Saturated Fat1.5 g8%

Eggless pineapple cake is a twist on a classic upside down cake. We've shaped ours into a ring and created an egg free recipe that still rises beautifully. This eggless pineapple cake is also served with an egg free custard that tastes just as good as the real thing. We've used pureed apricots and banana in our cake batter, making it naturally sweet and moist, as well as chunks of fresh pineapple as the upside down cake topping. This eggless pineapple cake is a simple twist on a classic British pud that is perfect for egg allergies and can be enjoyed by everyone.


  • 250g dried apricots
  • 125g bananas, sliced
  • 4tbsp almond milk
  • 150ml sunflower oil
  • 200g rice flour
  • 1½tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 125g ground almonds
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 1tsp nutmeg
  • 4tbsp runny honey
  • 1 pineapple, peeled, sliced and cut into chunks

For the custard

  • 600ml soya milk
  • 2tbsp egg-free custard powder (we used Bird's)
  • 2tbsp caster sugar

You will need

  • 20cm ring tin or 900g loaf tin, greased and lined




  1. Heat the oven to 180C. Put the apricots in a bowl and cover with 300ml boiling water. Microwave on High for 2 mins.
  2. Put the apricots and water in a food processor and blend to a smooth purée. Add the bananas, almond milk and oil and blend again.
  3. Tip in the rice flour, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, ground almonds, cinnamon and nutmeg. Blend to make a smooth consistency.
  4. Spoon the honey into the tin’s base and top with a layer of pineapple chunks. Spoon the cake mixture over them.
  5. Bake for 45 mins, until a cocktail stick, inserted into the centre of the cake, comes out clean.
  6. To make the custard, mix together 2tbsp soya milk with the custard and sugar in a large jug, to form a smooth paste. Heat the rest of the milk in the microwave on High for 2 mins, then gradually stir into the custard paste. Microwave for a few mins, stirring regularly, until thickened and smooth.

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