Frozen Frubes yogurt bites recipe

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The kids are going to love these frozen Frube yogurt bites especially when the sun is shining. They're really simple to make with only 2 ingredients

Preparation Time10 mins plus freezing
Total Time10 mins plus freezing
Cost RangeCheap

Frubes yogurt tubes are very popular with young children and make for a handy lunch box filler. However, they become a refreshing summery treat when turned into frozen yogurt bites! They are also an easy way to add fruit to your child’s diet and help towards their 5-a-day! This is such an easy and quick activity to make with the kids. They will be able to make the yogurt bites with very little assistance and will enjoy eating the results!


  • 8 x Frube yogurt tubes, in a variety of flavours
  • a selection of fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and apricots




  1. Ask your little helper to place 8 cake cases into the holes of a bun tin.
  2. Either tear the end off of each Frube yogurt tube or snip off the ends with scissors. Your child can then carefully squeeze the entire contents of each tube into each single cake case. So easy!
  3. If you are using strawberries, and or apricot, your child can use a table knife to slice up the soft fruit into little pieces. Dot the fruit of your choice into the yogurt.
  4. Place the Frube yogurt bites into the freezer for a few hours, or until solid. When ready to eat, simply take from the freezer and allow them to soften a little, around 15 minutes before serving.
Top Tip for making Frozen Frubes yogurt bites

These frozen Frube yogurt bites can be made in yogurt pots or ice lolly moulds instead.


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