Birthday party giant Rice Krispie cake recipe

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serves: 28
Skill: easy
Cost: cheap
Prep: 20 min
Cooking: 5 min
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  • Our giant rice krispie cake takes a childhood baking classic and turns it into a two tiered cake, ready to share with friends and family. Much easier to make than a classic chocolate cake, this no-bake giant Rice Krispie cake is a fun addition to any kids’ birthday party. You can personalize this giant Rice Krispie cake by using your favourite chocolates and sweets to decorate.


    • For the basic recipe:
    • 2 x 227g packets dairy toffees
    • 250g butter or olive oil spread
    • 2 x 200g packet marshmallows
    • 350g Rice Krispies
    • For the Mars Bar sauce:
    • 2 Mars bars, sliced
    • 4tbsp double cream
    • To decorate:
    • 120g packet giant white chocolate buttons
    • 150g packet mini marshmallows
    • You will need:
    • 20cm and 15cm deep cake tins, greased and lined


    • Unwrap the toffees and put them in a large non-stick pan with the butter or spread. Heat gently for several mins until the butter has completely melted, then stir quickly to combine with the melting toffees.

    • Add the marshmallows and warm through for 2 mins. Mix vigorously to combine everything together.

    • Slowly tip in the Rice Krispies and mix everything together until it is all well coated in toffee mixture.

    • Quickly spoon the mixture into both tins. Use a wooden spoon and push down firmly into the corners, to level the surface. Chill for at least 1 hour.

    • To make the sauce, heat the Mars bars and cream in a small non-stick pan and stir together to create a smooth chocolate sauce.

    • Put the larger cake on to a cake stand. Drizzle some sauce over the top and sides of the larger cake. Press the small cake on top and drizzle the top and sides with more chocolate sauce.

    • Press on white chocolate buttons, and the mini marshmallows. To serve, lift off individual layers of cake and cut into portions.

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