Greek yogurt cheesecake recipe

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serves: 8 - 10
Skill: medium
Cost: cheap
Prep: 30 min
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  • For guiltless indulgence try this no-bake yogurt cheesecake recipe. The honey and vanilla bring natural sweetness, while Greek yogurt contributes silky creaminess; making it so healthy you can even justify having it for breakfast! If you’re making it for a more sophisticated occasion, substitute the chocolate chip topping with sliced seasonal fruit. This cheesecake recipe works well as a dinner party dessert as it can be made two days ahead and stored in the fridge. It is also much lighter than a traditional cream cheese cheesecake, so won’t weigh down your diners at the end of a meal.


    • For the biscuit base:
    • 100g butter, melted and cooled
    • 200g digestive biscuits
    • For the cheesecake filling:
    • 2 tsp powdered gelatin
    • 500g Greek yogurt
    • 500g mascarpone
    • 4 tbsp honey
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract
    • 100g chocolate chips, to decorate


    • For the biscuit base: use 10g of melted butter to grease a 23cm loose-bottomed spring form cake tin and line with baking parchment. Put the digestive biscuits into a freezer bag, push out the air, seal, and use a rolling pin to crush the biscuits to crumbs. Pour the biscuit crumbs into a mixing bowl, add the remaining the melted butter and stir until all the crumbs are well coated.

    • Use the back of a spoon, or your fingers, to press the biscuit crumbs into the base of the cake tin. Put the tin in the fridge for one hour to allow the biscuit base to set.

    • For the cheesecake: measure 1½ tbsp cold water into a heatproof bowl and tip in the powdered gelatin. Put the bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir the mixture for 2 minutes, or until the gelatin dissolves.

    • Put the Greek yogurt, mascarpone, honey and vanilla extract into a mixing bowl and use an electric mixer to combine. With the electric mixer still running, gradually add the gelatin liquid.

    • Remove the tin from the fridge and pour the cheesecake mixture onto the biscuit base and spread evenly. Return to the fridge to set, ideally overnight or for a minimum of six hours.

    • About 30 minutes before serving, take the cheesecake out of the fridge so that it reaches room temperature. Decorate with chocolate-chips and serve.

    Top tip for making Greek yogurt cheesecake

    Get top-marks for presentation by slicing your cheesecake like a pro; dip your knife into a tall glass of warm water and wipe dry in between slices.

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