Magic Stars chocolate ice lollies recipe

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Magic Stars chocolate ice lollies are so easy to make and perfect for kids. These tasty treats are ideal in the summer months, with happy chocolatey faces all round!

Preparation Time10 mins plus chilling time
Cost RangeCheap

Magic Stars chocolate ice lollies are so easy to make with only need four ingredients! Yogurt freezes well, so makes a great base for quick ice lollies. Also, it's so easy to add your own flavours. For this recipe, we used cocoa powder but don’t be afraid to experiment! Children will enjoy getting involved and can make these ice lollies with very little assistance. The end result is delicious and there will be happy, chocolatey faces all round!


  • 300ml natural or Greek yogurt
  • 4 level tsp cocoa powder
  • 2-3 tsp runny honey, or to taste
  • 75g Magic Stars




  1. The first job is to measure the yogurt into a measuring jug. Your child can easily do this by adding spoonfuls of yogurt into the jug; you just need to be ready to say 'stop' when they reach 300ml!
  2. Carefully add the cocoa powder to the yogurt and stir to combine. The cocoa may look a little lumpy at first but it soon dissolves into the yogurt and becomes smooth.
  3. Add the honey a teaspoonful at a time. Have a little taste in between until you are happy that it is sweet enough.
  4. Stir the Magic Stars into the yogurt mixture. No doubt your little helper will enjoy this part - but will they be able to resist sampling a few?!
  5. Now it's time to spoon the yogurt mixture into ice lolly moulds. Place the filled ice lolly moulds into the freezer for 4 hours, or until frozen solid.
Top Tip for making Magic Stars chocolate ice lollies

Remove the ice lollies 15 -20 minutes before serving as this will make it easier to remove them from their moulds.


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