Striking stockings recipe

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These super stockings look wonderful hanging from the Christmas tree. This recipe has instructions for a snowman design - but you can use the same techniques for a range of festive patterns


  • Stocking-shaped cookies
  • Piping tube No. 18
  • Sugarpaste: black, white, red, green, orange
  • Stocking cookie cutters
  • Royal icing
  • Star and snowman cutters
  • Piping bag




  1. Prepare the cookies. Remove a small circle of dough from the top of the cookie using the piping tube and bake.
  2. Roll out the green and red pastes to 3mm (1/8in). Cut out a stocking from each colour using the cutter. Cut across the top of each stocking and attach the red body and green top to the cookie. Remove a circle from the green top to reveal the hole.
  3. Thinly roll out the white, black and green sugarpastes, adding gum for firmness as desired.
  4. Emboss snowmen into each colour of paste and use a craft knife to cut along the embossed lines of the shapes. Attached the appropriate sections of paste to the cookie and trim to fit. Add an orange nose. Make the tree and attach, then decorate with stars and baubles.
  5. Pipe a row of royal iced dots on to the green stocking top and the tree.

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