Perez, speed cameras and DFS sales: 50 things that wind you up the most!

These things annoy us daily, but are there any that've been left out?

Maybe it's a British thing. Or maybe it's a Perez Hilton, annoying self-service checkouts, sneaky speed cameras and DFS sales thing (or a deadly combination of all of these).

Whatever makes your blood boil and ears steam on a daily basis, we can pretty much guarantee it's having the same affect on someone else (and us for that matter!).

In fact we bet you'll agree with this list of the 50 things that wind the British public up on a daily basis, according to a recent poll by We bet that there'll even be some things they've missed off - add your own in the comments section below!

1. Self-service checkouts

If we hear the phrase 'Unexpected item in the bagging area' one. More. Time...

2. Queue jumpers

3. Nigel Farage

4. Slow walkers

5. Public transport

6. People who put the milk in first when making tea

Milk in FIRST? You're an embarrassment to the British people

7. Snow

8. Tulisa

9. Perez Hilton

10. People who do shopping at petrol stations

11. Bad grammar

Your genuinely going to drive me crazy with you're grasp on grammar

12. BO on public transport

13. PPI calls

14. Josie Cunningham

15. The One Show

16. Small talk

17. People who talk in lifts

No-one cares what you did last night. Or how cold it is today. Or your plans for the weekend. Just shh!

18. People who don’t stand on the right on escalators

19. Rude shop assistants

20. Spam email

21. Traffic wardens

22. Celebrity fitness DVDs 

23. PDAs

24. Constant DFS sale ads

25. Potholes

26. Weather being news

It's bad enough that we have to cope with the British weather on a daily basis. Can we NOT talk about it every 5 seconds too?

27. Slow wi-fi

28. House prices

29. People who leave their phone on in the cinema

30. People who reserve train/bus seats with bags

31. Expensive mineral water

32. Twitter trolls

33. Overcrowded trains

34. Others listening to music without earphones

Here's a thought: Earphones were invented for a reason. Use them!

35. People having a phone conversation on the bus

36. The Voice

37. All-day delivery times

38. Katie Hopkins

We're tired of your senseless, attention-seeking waffle and so is the rest of the nation.

39. Foreign call centres

40. Finding the start of the sticky tape

41. Cyclists who don’t ride single file

42. Speed cameras

43. Cat poo

44. People who like their own statuses on Facebook

45. Clocks changing

46. Jimmy Carr

47. Justin Bieber

48. Pigeons

49. Litter bugs

There's a bin right there and you've just dropped your rubbish on the floor. You are, quite possibly, the worst human.

50. Monday mornings

And breeeeathe.... Image: Pinterest/Pinterest/