11 retro beauty trends we’re glad stayed in the 90s!

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  • While being a 90s kid made you think you were the coolest thing ever at the time, looking back now creates a mix of nostalgia and, how can we put it, cringe?

    Between trying to look exactly like Ginger Spice and leaving the house in some very questionable glitter eyeshadow, embracing the beauty trends of the 90s was something we relished.

    Here, we take a look back at some of the best (and worst) 90s beauty trends that helped us ‘keep it real’.

    1. Tip-Ex French manicures

    Real manicures were luxuries reserved for the popular girls and grown-ups, so boring maths lessons were the time to get creative. Excuse the wiggly line and the extreme flakiness!

    2. Lip Smackers

    Who remembers begging your parents to buy you the whole collection from Claire’s Accessories, only to use the Dr Pepper one exclusively?

    3. Hair mascara

    Seen at every school disco, this stuff left your hair feeling clumpy and got all over your pillows. Yuck!

    4. Sun In

    When you weren’t allowed to dye your hair, sneakily buying Sun-In from Boots and laying out in the back garden for hours left you with yellow-looking streaks. But it made us feel like proper Malibu girls!

    5. Brown lipstick

    Having mocha-coloured lips was such a loved trend that it’s been brought back this decade. Dark nude to full-blown chocolate shades can be bought everywhere, so we can keep on pretending to be Rachel from Friends.

    6. Wrap braids

    Got some art in my hair! #hairwrap #mackinacisland

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    Every girl (and even some boys) who went on holiday came back with one of these. They were mega cool at the time, but sitting for ages while someone tugged at your hair, plus the ratty section of hair that grew out of the top… not worth it!

    7. Impulse body spray

    Ahh Impulse. Once the Spice Girls slapped their name on one of the scents, it was utter mayhem. Every teenage girl was guilty of spraying this all over themselves as well as the PE changing room!

    8. Glitter mascara

    Such a gloopy mess, and probably not actually good for your eye health, but at least it made sure you dazzled everyone at the school disco.

    9. Charlie Red

    This sweet-smelling spray made every 12 year old feel like they were 19 and fabulous.

    10. Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick

    I totally did #heathershimmer #backtothe90s

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    Before we could afford MAC, we had Heather Shimmer to master that perfect pout. The shade stayed strong throughout the years, and if you’re feeling especially nostalgic, you can still pick up a tube from Boots or Superdrug.

    11. Body Shop White Musk perfume

    For when you finally graduated from body sprays – this was the sign you were truly a teen.

    What were your favourite beauty items from the 90s? Let us know in the comments below!

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