Amanda Holden defends Holly Willoughby over body shaming comments

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  • Amanda Holden has spoken out to defend Holly Willoughby after the This Morning star attracted negative comments over her recent weight loss.

    Following an awkward incident a few weeks ago live on air and a barrage of body-shaming comments on social media, Amanda felt compelled to reach out to Holly in her weekly column for Fabulous Magazine, to reassure the mum-of-three that she had nothing to worry about.

    ‘Holly Willoughby has been relentlessly hounded by the thin-shaming body police,’ she wrote. ‘It’s wrong to criticise someone for being overweight, so why is it OK to have a pop for being ‘too skinny’?’

    ‘Holly is happy and healthy, and that’s all that matters’, Amanda concluded.

    Amanda’s comments come after an incident during a crossover from the This Morning studio to find out from the Loose Women what was coming up from them later in the programme.

    Not realising that they were live on air, the Loose Women appeared on camera laughing and chatting amongst themselves, with Nadia Sawalha heard saying ‘Holly Willoughby’s disappearing!’

    The 36-year-old mum looked visibly uncomfortable, whilst Philip shouted pointedly at the panel, ‘Cue, Cue!’

    Holly has been the subject of huge discussion around her weight loss, much of which has been negative with many suggesting she is becoming too thin.

    After uploading a photo of herself before an awards event in June, fans complained that she’d lost the curves they loved her for.

    ‘You were someone loved by the nation and voted as sexist woman, so many times,’ said one. ‘Men loved you and woman wanted to be just like you. You represented how a beautiful healthy woman should look and an amazing role model to young girls. Such a shame to see you have lost so much weight. You looked so much more beautiful before.’

    Holly has been famously private about her diet and exercise regime so not to ‘encourage eating disorders’.