Amazon acne lotion hailed as ‘absolute life saver’ – and it’s only £19

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  • An acne lotion on Amazon has been hailed as an ‘absolute life saver’.

    The Amazon acne lotion has been met with five-star reviews for its ability to banish spots and clear up skin.

    Even those of us who are blessed with the best of complexions get the odd pesky spot pop up now and then.

    And chances are it will always be at the absolute worst time – when we have a big event, party or meeting coming up.

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    And no matter how many products we try and slather on the imperfection, nothing manages to get rid of it until it’s ready to get on its way.

    But customers have found an acne lotion on Amazon that is said to be ‘magical’ when it comes to getting rid of spots.

    The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion has been met with thousands of four and five-star reviews on Amazon, calling it a ‘holy grail essential’ for clearing up the skin.

    amazon acne lotion mario badescu

    Credit: Mario Badescu

    The Drying Lotion, which is said to be a bestselling favourite amongst beauty experts, uses a cocktail of Salicylic Acid, Sulfur and Zinc Oxide to draw out toxins in the skin and help zap impurities.

    And the best part? It comes in at only £19!

    ‘Amazing product,’ wrote one astounded who was so surprised at how well the product cleared up her skin she took before and after photos as proof.

    amazon acne lotion

    Credit: Amazon

    ‘I have never had spots but after having my daughter I came up in loads and when I got this I used it for a week or so and my spots have basicly gone. I’m so so happy rest recommend x’

    ‘This is my holy grail essential item to keep handy,’ wrote another fan. ‘This drying lotion has tamed even my worst breakouts OVERNIGHT. If it doesn’t completely disappear in a day, it is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced in size and redness, making it much much easier to conceal. And it does all of this without over drying the skin.

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    ‘I can’t tell you what a life saver this has been especially when you have any big events coming up that require a clear face ASAP.’

    ‘BEST STUFF EVER!’ wrote another customer. ‘I have spent hundreds trying out and testing differents products for my acne and I swear since using this my confidence has come back because I now don’t look away when talking to people or try to cover my face.

    ‘Honestly cannot recommend this product enough!!! My skin is nearly completely clear and I have only been using this a few weeks – absolute life saver!’

    Another wrote the product ‘entered my list of magical drugstore things that actually do what they say they would do.’