Amy Childs slammed by fans for ‘deceiving’ followers with weight loss advert

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  • Amy Childs has been slammed by fans after she posted a misleading weight loss advert on her Instagram page.

    The former The Only Way Is Essex star, who welcomed her second child, a baby boy, just two months ago, took to social media to share a before and after picture of her apparent weight loss.

    In her caption she explained that she had lost a stone in four weeks by using a diet instant coffee.

    ‘Can you believe the difference here is just a month?? I’ve managed 14 pound in ONLY 28 days,’ she wrote.

    ‘I’ve gone from being constantly exhausted, feeling bloated and really frumpy to full of energy again, back in my pre baby jeans and just all round healthier. @skinnycoffeeclub is just what I needed! #ad’

    Social media followers immediately expressed their anger at the mum-of-two, who has previously come under fire for using weight loss shakes just one week after giving birth to her first child, daughter Polly, for promoting the caffeine-based weight loss aid.

    ‘Stop deceiving and lying to people. Coffee will NOT make you lose weight,’ wrote one, ‘Give your body time to heal, you’ve grown a baby for god sake! Stop promoting fad diets and enjoy your babies’, said another.

    Others were concerned with how the reality star’s diet choices would influence young people, including her 19-month-old daughter, commenting: ‘You should you be showing your daughter the safe and correct way to loose weight’, ‘Disgusting that u promote this crap with a young following. These products does NOTHING they’re just an expensive laxative’ and ‘Let’s hope your own daughter is never sucked into these awful advertisements for unhealthy fad diets and quick fix drinks that destroy your body and make you loose even more self esteem when you pile the weight back on when you stop drinking ‘slim coffee’. Awful post’.

    Several followers pointed out the difference between the two snaps, saying that the Amy was misleading people as it looked like she had staged the two photos to show a difference.

    ‘The difference will be visible once you get the same outfit, with the same posture and then let us decide whether we see the diff or not’, wrote one, while another raged ‘You’ve clearly got a waist trainer on in the second picture. False advertising but as long as you get paid or free products!’

    However, several loyal followers blamed the weight loss brand for preying on vulnerable new mothers, with one commenting: ‘I just think it’s disgusting a company would promote this kind of crap when women are feeling at their lowest! Preying on new mums is a real low!’