10 brain teasers and riddles to test your mind

Can you solve these?

brain teaser puzzle

Call yourself a brainbox? Prove it with our selection of riddles and brain teasers.

We've pulled together some of the best puzzles from across the internet, so you can test yourself.

And don't worry, if you can't work one out we've popped all the answers at the bottom of this article.

Don't forget to share them with friends and family once you've completed them!

1. For those who love riddles

Everyone loves a good riddle, but can you solve this tricky motion-related one?

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2. For romantics

Among all the teddies, hearts and flowers, there's a teddy bear holding a heart of its own.

It takes people around three minutes and 16 seconds to spot it - how long does it take you?

If you’re struggling to see, a full-size image can be found here.

brain teaser

Credit: HolidayCottages.com

3. For wordsmiths

Think you have a good vocabulary? Prove it with this.

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4. For eagle-eyed folk

Can you find the robots in this picture?

robot restaurant

Credit: RS Component

5. For logical thinkers

Get stuck into this puzzle.

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6. For those who love a challenge

Look closely and try to figure this one out.

7. For ponderers

Here's riddle number two...

8. The one for lateral thinkers

Watch the video to the end to work out this one. It's not easy, and we're still confused by all the long maths chat but we're just taking their word for it.


9. For animal lovers

Think, and then think again.

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10. For whizz kids

This triangle problem got the internet talking earlier this year, but can you solve it?


Answer for question 1: A staircase.

Answer for question 2: The big reveal can be found here.

Answer for question 3: There are actually a few answers for this, including Tennessee, Committee, Aggressiveness. Well done. if you got any of those.

Answer for question 4: The answer is below...

robots restaurant puzzle

RS Components

Answer for question 5: The answer is 4. Multiply the upper left and lower right numbers together, then divide that by the bottom left number will give you your answer, e.g. (3×8)÷6=4. The same pattern applies to the other numbers.

Answer for question 6: It’s the top number minus the left and then multiplied by the right e.g (6-2x2 = 8) so the missing number is 3.

Answer for question 7: A post office.

Answer for question 8: The first line has three apples and = 30. You can assume each apple is worth 10.

The second line has one apple and two bunches of bananas and = 18. Because you know apples are worth ten then you assume each banana must be worth 4.

On the last line there are a bunch of bananas minus a coconut which = two. Because you know a bunch of bananas equals four a coconut must be two, right?

So your answer is probably 16 for the last line. Did you get that? Well, sadly that's wrong.

The actual answer is 14. Because you see, the maths sums are actually equal to the portion size of each piece of fruit. Get it? If two batches of four bananas are worth eight, it means each single banana is equal to one. And if a coconut is worth two, half a coconut must be worth one. This means, half a coconut (one) + apple (10) + three bananas (three) is equal to 14.

Answer for question 9: Peacocks don't lay eggs. It's actually a trick question.

Answer for question 10: 18. Someone has made a diagram explaining it here...

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