This New Year’s Eve puzzle will really get your brain ticking – can you solve it?

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  • Can you solve this New Year's Eve brainteaser?

    Christmas is well and truly over, you’ve watched all the specials on TV, polished off the tin of Quality Street and eaten enough leftover turkey to last you for the next 12 months.

    Now, you need something to wake you up from your food coma and get you in the mood for partying the night away on New Year’s Eve.

    Let’s face it, no one wants to be the one person who wasn’t able to stay awake for the midnight countdown.

    So, why not try this puzzle in an attempt to get your brain back in gear before you put on your best frock, grab a glass of champers and tuck into the canapés?

    Created by the team at GiftsOnline4U, the brainteaser shows row upon row of pocket watches giving the time as five minutes to midnight.

    But while it might seem like they are all identical, there’s actually a very subtle difference.

    Hidden amongst these clocks is just one telling the wrong time.

    The question is, are you able to spot it?

    WARNING: Make sure you don’t scroll down too far before you’ve had a proper look, as the answer appears in an image below!

    This New Year's Eve puzzle will really get your brain ticking...


    If you’re feeling particularly competitive, it might be the perfect time to rope in family or friends and time each other to see who is quickest.

    That’s if you’ve not already fallen out over Christmas games this festive season!

    Winner gets… another glass of bubbly?

    If dancing ’til dawn isn’t really your thing, you could always host a games night instead.


    This New Year's Eve puzzle will really get your brain ticking...


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