‘I think I will probably grieve for the rest of my life’ Celine Dion opens up about losing husband Rene Angelil

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  • Celine Dion has opened up about losing her husband, Rene Angelil

    , saying that she will probably grieve for the rest of her life.

    The singer’s husband passed away last year, at the age of 73, after a long battle with throat cancer.

    He was 26 years her senior, and the two met when she was only 12 years old.

    ‘I think I will probably grieve for the rest of my life’, Celine told The Sun.

    ‘Rene has prepared me for all my life since I’m 12. I have never met another man in my life, never kissed another man in my life.

    ‘I miss him a lot. I miss him a lot for my partner, for the man I was embracing, kissing, making love with. My worries, my dreams.

    Celine lost her husband and father of her three children last year

    The 49-year-old also spoke of how her husband suffered with his condition for three years, which led her to take a break from her career to take care of him.

    ‘He did suffer for three years. A lot. I took a year off and I said, ‘My living well is to be with you, it’s not my career. You are my career, you are my life.’

    ‘That’s what a wife does, that’s what a mother does, that’s what a performer does. I took care of him the best way I could.’

    ‘I proved to Rene that he was there for me and I’m going to be there for him; and I’m still there for him.’

    During Rene’s last months, Celine says she tried to learn as much as she could from him, as he had been her mentor throughout all her career.

    ‘We talked a lot and I took notes every day. I had my Post-its and my crayons and my book, and everything he wanted or questioned, or he thought of, I wrote it down.’

    The two even planned his funeral together, making sure it would be done the what he wanted it.

    ‘I reassured him it was going to be done his way; he chose the songs at his funeral, the way he wanted it, everything to a T. And I respected that.’

    When asked if she’ll ever move on to find love again, the mother-of-three says it’s ‘definitely too soon’.

    ‘He’s the love of my life. It’s very difficult for me to see myself with another person. The love that I have for him, I live it every day. And as a woman, we do have emotions and feelings that come and go. And it’s always with him.

    ‘Now it is definitely too soon for me. I am definitely in love with him (Rene), married to him.

    ‘When I sing, it’s with him. When I hug my kids, it’s for him and it’s with him. I took time to grieve and I’m still grieving.’