Charlotte Crosby slammed by fans for being ‘too skinny’ in Instagram photo

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  • Charlotte Crosby’s weight loss has been the subject of much interest in the past, after the star initially lost two stone thanks to a combination of diet and exercise.

    Now, the former Geordie Shore star has revealed that she’s lost a further 8lbs, in a photo which has caused a bit of a stir on social media.

    Charlotte took to Instagram to show off her latest weight loss, posing in her gym gear as she revealed she’d shed a further 8lbs.

    ‘BUZZING after today’s #FOF results – lost 8lbs – so decided to make time for another little workout to keep it up – activewear @inthestyleUK’, Charlotte captioned the pic.

    Many of Charlotte’s fans praised her for her achievement, with one saying: ‘Look amazing gurl,’ and another adding ‘You look great babe.’

    However, not of all the comments were positive, with others claiming she’d lost too much weight and was beginning to look unwell.

    ‘Eww way too skinny please eat something’, one concerned commenter said, whilst another added: ‘You look ill, you haven’t looked right for ages.’

    Another worried fan agreed: ‘You don’t look very well!!!! Love u though.’

    ‘Could she not lose any more weight, she will be like a stick soon, or has she reached that point,’ said one user.

Charlotte, 27, has developed a keen interest in fitness in the last few years – starring in her own fitness video in 2014 and bringing out her own healthy eating cook book.

    Some of Charlotte’s fans jumped to her defence over the comments, highlighting how others were body shaming her for being too skinny: ‘I can’t believe half of these body shaming comments!! wtf is wrong with people,’ one fan said.

    Another added: ‘What’s with all the body shaming people!?!?!?! If Charlotte’s happy and confident, that’s all that matters, we should all be supporting her as well as each other.’