This £3.99 Childs Farm baby moisturiser is being hailed as a miracle cure for eczema

The bargain product has a LOT of happy customers

Eczema cure for children

If you need an eczema cure for children, we might know just the thing. Eczema affects over 6 million people in the UK – around 20 per cent of whom are school children.

And though it's not life threatening, angry, itchy skin can make day-to-day life – wearing certain materials and doing certain physical activities – uncomfortable and painful for sufferers.

From steroid creams to emollient moisturisers, those with eczema will know how difficult it is to find a cream that works for them – usually it's a case of trial and error, which can be expensive and time consuming.

Image: Nicole O'Dwyer

But Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser, available at Boots, is getting rave reviews across the boards – and the before and after photos from satisfied customers prove its effectiveness.

Nicole O'Dwyer, from Tipperary, Ireland, was advised by her dermatologist to abandon her blossoming career as a hairdresser, as the chemicals in hair products were causing her eczema to flare up, leaving her in agony.

After reading about the incredible effects if Childs Farm on another sufferer, Paige Sweeney's daughter Evie-Ray, Nicole thought she would try the product for herself – and she wasn't disappointed.

'I love my job as a hairdresser but it left my hands in agony. I am still a junior so the majority of my job involves washing hair,' she explained.

'Every time I came home from work I'd have to smother my hands in steroid cream and wear gloves to help it absorb quicker. I was in so much pain but I didn't want it to get in the way of my job. I just tried to get on with it.'

'Within two weeks of using Childs Farm the eczema on my hands had cleared up completely. I couldn't believe it. I'm currently applying the cream four times a day and the eczema hasn't come back so far. I'm absolutely blown away by the results.'

Produced in the UK, Childs Farm uses naturally derived ingredients, for mild, skin-loving products that are gentle on the skin and hair of newborns, babies and children, but have been life changing for adults like Nicole as well.

Image: Nicole O'Dwyer

'Eczema on hands can be extremely debilitating as we use our hands all day every day - but for someone who uses their hands as part of their work, it can be not only painful but frustrating and even embarrassing as well,' said founder of the company Joanna Jensen.

'All Childs Farm products go through independent clinical trials to confirm that they are suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin, for newborns and upwards, and are then dermatologist approved.'

'We even put all our products through independent user trials on babies and children with medically diagnosed eczema to ensure they are as mild, and as effective, as we claim.'


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