Chocolate gifts: The SWEETEST presents for the chocoholic in your life

Think outside the box

Chocolate gifts are the backbone of all the best celebrations.

Mother's Day? Give us chocolate. Christmas? Give us even more chocolate. Birthdays, weddings and kids parties? You know the drill by now!

However, though our love for the sweet stuff is undeniable and indestructible, sometimes a standard box of chocs just won't cut it, and we need to hunt for more exciting chocolate gifts to satisfy those cravings.

We thought it was time to give chocolate gifting the upgrade it deserves, and so we've rounded up some of the most delectable treats you can buy. Now the only decision you need to make is whether you buy them for your favourite chocoholic, or keep them all to yourself...

Chief Chocolate Officer Wine Chocolate Bars, £4.99

These fancy chocolate bars, in Malbec or Sauvignon Blanc flavour, taste great on their own, but are even better with a glass of your favourite vino. Plus, you can pick them up in your local Lakeland!

Hotel Chocolat Cacao Breakfast Tea, £5

For chocolate without the calories, try these cocoa infused tea bags from Hotel Chocolat. Teapigs do them, too!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette, £39.50

Not only will this glorious Too-Faced palette make your eyes sparkle, it's scented with the smell of chocolate too! Mmmm...

Chocolate Molecule necklace, £15.00

Ever wondered what the molecular make-up of chocolate looks like? Us neither, but it sure does make a pretty necklace charm!

Stateside Maple Bacon Pancake Milk And White Chocolate Bar, £3.75

Novelty chocolate flavours are nothing new, but sometimes a brand comes along that we've just got to get our hands on. This breakfast themed bar from Stateside Treat Emporium looks delicious!

Rainbow Hot Chocolate Stirrer, £4.50

For those times when you want to make hot chocolate the main event, these delicious spoon stirrers - made with real milk chocolate stirred into hot milk - make the most indulgent treats (oh, and they come with Smarties!).

Choccywoccydoodah Chocolate, Cake and Curses recipe book, £25

The folks at Choccywoccydoodah are true magicians when it comes to making stuff out of chocolate, and this book will teach you all of the tricks of their trade.

Hotel Chocolat Cacao Gin, £15

The marriage of the two best things literally in the world ever, chocolate and gin, practically has us welling up...

Harvey Nichols Rubis wine, £13

And for the wine lovers among us, Harvey Nicks has you covered with a sweet bottle too.

Harvey Nichols Tipplesworth Dark Chocolate Martini cocktail kit, £15

Basically, booze and chocolate never goes out of style - as this chocolate martini proves!

Chocolate Lover's Tote Bag, £11

For the fashionista/chocoholic in your life, this understated tote bag pays perfect homage to the brilliance of the bean.

Lily-Flame Chocolate Truffle scented candle, £8.95

An indulgent whiff of choc can be almost as delicious as the real thing (we said almost!) so this chocolate truffle candle is a worthy investment.

Grow Your Own Chocolate Scented Flowers, £9.99

You can plant chocolate-scented daisies with this cute grow-your-own gardening kit.

'Mum's Chocolate' painted purple wooden crate, £25.00

Let your kids know you're not up for sharing by storing your favourite treats in this handy crate.

Vintage Chocolate Bar Art Print, £8.40

Add some kitsch to your kitchen (or your lounge, bedroom or bathroom) with this quirky wall hanging.

Lush 'Dirty' Mint Chocolate Massage Bar, £5.95

Chocolate has some seriously sensual and seductive qualities - using it as part of a sexy message is a no brainer!

Dark Chocolate Linguine, £6.50

When chocolate for dessert just isn't good enough, this divine pasta makes it the main event. You can have it for pud, too!

100% Anatomically Accurate Chocolate Skull, £68.00

They're certainly not at the lower end of the price spectrum, but these chocolate skulls are so exquisitely crafted, you'll want to put them on the mantelpiece, not in the fridge.


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