It takes most people over three minutes to solve this Christmas brain teaser – can you beat it?

Christmas brain teaser
(Image credit: Stay in Cornwall)

There are so many reasons why we all look forward to the most wonderful time of the year.

And while we all get wrapped in the hoards of exciting festive food and drink creations that come with each December (did someone say foot-long pigs in blankets (opens in new tab)?), for most of us, secretly our favourite part of the season is spending time with our families.

Because board games, family debates and a bit of healthy competition is really what the yuletide season is all about.

Who doesn’t love teaming up with their favourite family member (come on, we all have one) to win a game of Articulate or making a fool out of yourself in a round of Charades?

Well, we’ve come across a new game that could up the competitiveness of the day’s festivities.

Holiday cottage company Stay In Cornwall has released a special Christmas brain teaser that is said to leave the average person baffled.

They claim it takes most people over three minutes to figure out this seemingly simple puzzle.

The Christmas brain teaser shows a festive scene of an extended family enjoying the occasion in a Christmassy cottage during the holidays. Hidden amongst the nine rooms of the house (and maybe even outside of them…) are FIVE Christmas turkeys.

The aim of the teaser is to find the elusive birds as quickly as possible, even better if you can beat the average three minutes that it usually takes the average person.

Christmas brain teaser

Credit: Stay in Cornwall

‘We wanted to create something fun and seasonal for our audience,’ said marketing director of Stay in Cornwall, James Starkey, ‘and we definitely managed to incorporate the festive feeling of being with the family on Christmas Eve.’

He added: ‘This brain teaser has had all of us scratching our heads right from the start, mainly because it’s deceptively tricky.’

Want a clue?

SPOILER ALERT: Stay in Cornwall suggested to look among the napping grandparents, playing kids, people having a Christmas boogie and perhaps even Santa and his elves.

Ready? Go!