Mum reveals GENIUS (and super cheap) hack that keeps her sofa sparkling clean

A mum has shared the genius hack she used to clean her old sofa, and we’re so surprised this works…

Children, pets and cheeky takeaways in front of the TV – just a few enemies of the good old sofa.

Once you get a stain on it or even when it just looks a bit dirty from being used a lot, they can be a challenging piece of furniture to clean.

Enter a very unusual – but apparently effective – hack.

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According to Mail Online, a mum posted on the Facebook group ‘Mums who cleaned’ to reveal how she got rid of stains in her sofa.

Explaining her unusual method, the woman said she used a mixture of water and denture cleaner - who knew?!

She explained: ‘I used the warm water and put three tablets in, waited for it to dissolve and then sprayed it on the sofa.’

The mum continued to reveal how she let the solution set for five minutes, before she scrubbed it with a dishwashing brush.

She also used a towel to absorb the dirty water and repeated a few times until the towel didn’t have any residual dirt on it, before leaving it to dry.

She continued: 'Because I'm living in a unit I just turned on the air conditioning and a fan to dry the couch.

'It has come out great. Our sofa is about five or six years old and this is the first time we've cleaned it.’

The woman behind the genius trick used nine tablets of Polident dissolved in three bottles of water to clean her five-seater couch.

If you’re intrigued and want to try this unusual method, Boots sell a box of denture cleanser with 30 tablets for just £1.50.

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Mariana Cerqueira
Lifestyle Editor

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