This couple’s wedding vows were overshadowed thanks to one cheeky guest

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  • No one expects to get overshadowed on their wedding day.

    It’s the one occasion that every man and every woman know is going to be completely about them. Okay, and their new other half.

    But with the exception of an emotional father-of-the-bride speech, a cheeky groomsman trying to hook up with a bridesmaid, and that tipsy aunty slipping on the dance floor, you can pretty much be sure that the attention will be all on you.

    So that’s why one couple got a hound-sized shock when they were overshadowed by this important member of their family.

    Angie and Jayce Conway were in the middle of their wedding ceremony when their six-year-old Labrador leapt in front of them and rolled around on the ground.

    The couple, who were tying the knot in Montana in the US, were in the middle of saying their vows when their beloved pooch, Boone, stole the limelight. Looks like someone was feeling a bit felt out!

    Luckily their wedding photographer, Chris Davis, managed to capture the endearing moment for us all to see, and we just can’t seem to get enough of it.

    Like many before him, adorable Boone has made his way around the Internet and gone viral.

    Speaking to the Press Association, photographer Davis said: ‘Boone the dog has always been such a great companion for Jayce and Angie that it was no surprise to anyone that he was tasked with being the Best Boy.’

    Chris went on to describe the waterfront location of the wedding, in between a lake and river, saying: ‘It’s just a miracle that we were able to keep him out of the water until after the vows were said.’

    But Boone, of course, took his opportunity and jumped into the river as soon as the ceremony was over and done with.

    He’s so cute that we’re sure that the wedding party didn’t mind. Who can say no to that grinning face?!

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