Fearne Cotton reveals her diet and exercise secrets four months after giving birth

How does the mum of two stay in such great shape?

Fearne Cotton has given birth twice and still looks amazing! So how does she do it? We reveal the star's diet and exercise secrets, and you'll be pleased to read there's not a fad diet or expensive gym membership in sight!

The former BBC Radio 1 presenter became a mum for the first time in 2013 with son Rex, and welcomed her baby daughter Honey in 2015, but she still manages to always look fabulous and in amazing shape.

How does she keep fit and healthy while juggling mummy duties and her career? She relies on a few tips and tricks that you can easily try yourself!

1. Yoga

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Only a few months after welcoming Honey Krissy, Fearne shared an impressive photo of her doing yoga in her kicthen.

Practising poses like this is one of Fearne's secrets to staying fit and healthy, as it helps build muscle strength - especially around your core. Hello abs...

2. Eating healthy

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The mother-of-two often shares the delicious recipes she makes, and even though she does have the occasional treat, she almost always cooks very healthy dishes, with ingredients like quinoa, chia seeds and lots of fruit and veg.

Her healthy recipes will soon be available for everyone to try, when she releases her book 'Cook Happy, Cook Healthy', due out in June 2016.

Talking about her book, Fearne said: 'Most of the food you put in your body should have ingredients that make your skin glow, your hair shine, your body feel energised, your eyes bright and your kids and friends happy.

'Even the naughty treats can have good stuff in them too! If you love cooking and baking and are happy, like me, to whittle away the hours with spatula in hand then hopefully you'll enjoy my ideas and recipes.'

3. Exercise

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Even though her yoga skills look pretty impressive, it's not all Fearne gets up to when it comes to being active and getting lots of exercise.

She seems to enjoy a little bit of everything, from cycling and running, to training with her husband Jesse Wood.

'I really enjoy being active', she revealed in an interview. 'I do Yoga and I work out. I trained as a dancer so I have to exercise regularly or I don't feel comfortable. I love exercising and do it every other day. I get an adrenaline rush out of it! I try to cycle everywhere, too.'

4. Sugar free

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Fearne's healthy eating also includes a lot of sugar-free cooking, and she does make non-sugary treats look AMAZING - like this Vegan refined-sugar free mango cheesecake.

Replacing sugar with natural ingredients to sweeten recipes is a healtier way to treat yourself and will sure make a lot of difference in your health, waist size and overall wellbeing.

Are tempted to try any of Fearne's diet and fitness secrets? Let us know in the comments!


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