6 ways to beat restless legs

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  • Want relief from twitchy, spasming legs? We can help you beat restless leg syndrome with these 6 ways to treat the symptoms. All of them can be done at home and none involve taking medication, so give them a try!

    Restless Legs or Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) affects one in 10 of us and can be really unpleasant. The main symptoms are a creeping, crawling feeling on your legs which results in the need to move them constantly, to make the feeling go away, and occasional leg-jerks.

    Symptoms tend to get worse at night, which can lead to a poor, interrupted sleep but we’ve got 6 ways you can help to beat the symptoms without the use of medication:

    1: Get regular exercise

    Moderate, regular exercise has been found to reduce symptoms of RLS but be careful not to over-exert yourself because it could have the opposite effect. Talk to your doctor about a plan that could work for you.

    2:  Avoid tea and coffee

    Caffeine has been found to make the symptoms of restless leg syndrome worse in some cases. Try to avoid drinking tea and coffee for a while and see if you notice that it makes a difference. The same can also be said of alcohol so try cutting down if you drink regularly.

    3: Turn on the taps

    Try taking a very hot or very cold bath before you go to bed. The extreme temperatures could help to relieve the symptoms of RLS. You might get the same effect by using a heat or ice pack on your legs too.

    4: Avoid some medications

    If possible, try to avoid antidepressants, antihistamines, cold and sinus medicine, anti-psychotic medicine and some anti-sickness drugs. If you’re on any of these medications and are worried they may be making your restless leg syndrome symptoms worse, speak to your GP about possible alternatives.

    5: Have a massage

    If you ever wanted an excuse to fork out for a professional massage or needed a reason to get your man to give you one, here it is. A good leg massage late in the day has been found to reduce RLS symptoms – as has stretching the leg muscles before you bed down for the night.

    6: Eat bananas

    A banana a day can keep restless legs at bay… or so some research has found. RLS is often associated with a lack of iron in the body – it could be the high iron content in bananas that eases the symptoms.