Holly Willoughby reveals dyslexia battle and fears her children will inherit the condition

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  • Holly Willoughby has revealed how she combats her dyslexia when presenting This Morning and admitted her fears that her children could inherit the condition.

    Although Holly is known for being a talented TV presenter, she has revealed the lengths she goes to to ensure she can deliver a flawless show.

    In a recent interview with the Glasgow Post, Holly opened up about having dyslexia and admitted she uses coloured scripts and reads the autocue ahead of time to manage the condition.

    Despite being able to cope with her dyslexia effectively, Holly worries about passing the condition onto her children and what that could mean for them.

    Holly shares three children with her husband Dan. The couple are parents to Harry, seven, Belle, five and two-year-old Chester. So far Holly has not revealed that her little ones have shown any signs of dyslexia, but she hopes that schools would pick it up quickly if they did.

    When talking about if the condition is hereditary, Holly said, ‘I do bear it in mind quite a lot.’

    ‘Although my mum hasn’t officially been tested she has very similar tendencies to me.

    ‘I don’t know whether that’s hereditary or not, but I do think about that. Schools are so much more advanced in looking out for it than when I was at school.’

    The 36 year old expressed her high hopes for the education system, saying that the ‘ways of teaching are better’ now. She also thinks there’s more chances that dyslexia symptoms in her children would be picked up and addressed earlier than when she was at school.

    ‘If anything was to crop up it’d be noticed a lot quicker than it was with me.

    ‘And children learn in a different way now. It makes a lot more sense to me and things are a lot more visual.

    ‘I feel the ways of teaching are better.’

    Holly has worked on This Morning since 2009 with good friend and co-host Phillip Schofield.

    Has your child ever show signs of dyslexia? How did you first spot it and what kind of support have your received? Tell us in the comment box!