'Feeling blue' Kerry Katona opens up about struggle with depression and bipolar disorder in Instagram post

'Bi-polar is a b***h!'

Kerry Katona has opened up about her mental health struggles on social media, with fans rushing to offer support to the mum-of-five.

The reality TV star was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 25 years old, after being ill for a long time when her singing career began.

Kerry has opened up about her battle with bipolar in the past, but most recently the singer has taken to Instagram to share the difficult reality of her condition with her followers.

The Atomic Kitten star posted an image of herself lying on her sofa, sporting a jumper and minimal make-up. Next to her photo she wrote an honest caption about how she was feeling, saying, 'Feeling blue 😩 bi-polar is a bitch!'.

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Fans rushed to support Kerry with messages of sympathy and support, with many telling the mum that they had experienced similar feelings.

One supportive fan said, 'Have a look at your photos in the last few days/weeks that will cheer you up. You look amazing!!!! And we all have bad days regardless if we have bi-polar, keep your chin up sweetie x'

Another reached out, writing, 'My daughter hd bipolar and is going through a really bad time right now. I really feel for you..x'

A third encouraged Kerry to think of tomorrow, 'Huge hugs x just remember tomorrow is a brand new day x'

Keen to be open about her mental health issues, Kerry has also used Twitter to communicate with fans about her battle, previously tweeting an exposing message which read, 'The real me suffers from depression. I am bipolar, I get my feelings hurt real easy, but I love with everything in me.'

Fans appreciated the star's honesty, and praised her for being an 'inspiration' and an 'amazing lady'.

'Keep doing what you are doing now @kerrykatona7 you have held your hands up to your mistakes and totally turned your life around. You've got 5 beautiful kids to keep going for. I've been a fan of yours since Atomic Kitten hit the charts, I bloomin' loves ya and I'm so happy for you. You have come a long way', one fan gushed.

'You're an inspiration Kerry, a tough woman and I admire that in you. You're you', another fan wrote.

The 36-year-old mum has also opened up about her struggle with mental health on Loose Women, when she appeared on the show in 2016 to speak about the effect her disorder has on her children.

'I've been very open with them, I've been very open with my cocaine addiction.

'I've shown them the video [of me taking cocaine], which is also about depression and bipolar. You have highs and lows, there is nothing in between for me. It's all or nothing.'

Her daughter Molly also explained her experience of her mum's disorder: 'She wants to do everything all at the same time. She goes crazy but in a good way.'


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