Kerry Katona sheds 7lbs following intensive bootcamp in Marbella

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  • Mum-of-five Kerry Katona has showed off her impressive weight loss following an intensive stint at bootcamp.

    Kerry has always been open about her struggle with fad diets and maintaining a healthy weight.

    Last year she revealed that to maintain her three stone weight loss she had ditched alcohol and was using a range of exercises.

    Kerry has just finished a stint at The Holistic Bootcamp in Marbella and has lost an impressive nine inches and seven pounds! She arrived in Marbella seven days ago and the camp appears to have been five days long.

    On average guests lose around 7lbs a during the stay and Kerry was able to do just that.

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    Speaking about her transformation, Kerry revealed the importance of having the right mindset before you attempt to achieve physical changes.

    She has been working one-on-one with Robert Hisee, the co-owner ofΒ The Holistic Bootcamp and an Unconscious mind therapist.

    Kerry said: ‘Robert taught me it all starts with the mind. You must first create the person you want to be in your mind first using umt [Unconscious Mind Therapy] visualisation techniques – and only then can you make and sustain it.’

    Robert was one of the first therapists to set up a bootcamp that recognises the importances of the mind in the pursuit of physical achievements.

    According to The Holistic Bootcamp website: ‘Unconscious Mind Therapy helps to change your thought process and alter the memory of past experiences that might be holding you back’.

    She continued: ‘If you can’t see it, you can’t be it. I was amazed with all the law of vibration and law of action learning and Robert even went into a little quantum physics what opened my eyes to a how new look on my life and goals!’

    While on the bootcamp Kerry has tried a mix of exercises including yoga on water!

    The mum-of-five admitted that although the exercise was challenging, it was also easier than other exercises she had done as it was a lot of fun too.

    She said: ‘The fitness training was so hard, but easy – if that makes sense! We were having so much fun with all the excursions and workouts, all made to be as fun as possible. The villa was heaven on earth, with beautiful views.’


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