‘It’s a nightmare’ Linda Nolan reveals cancer treatment leaves her burned and unable to walk

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  • Linda Nolan has given a heartbreaking update on her cancer battle, saying the treatment has left her burned and unable to walk but that she’s doing it in memory of her sister.

    The 58 year old, who revealed her cancer diagnosis in March, has been undergoing treatment that includes radiotherapy and 17 tablets a day.

    ‘You put on a brave face but it’s a nightmare. My hip is so painful I can hardly walk’, she told The Daily Mirror.

    ‘And my skin is burned and raw from radiotherapy. It’s crazy that something I know should be helping is causing such pain. I’ve been given a cream and take 17 tablets a day.’

    The singer, who suffered from breast cancer in 2006, also revealed the treatment leaves her so tired she can’t even watch a TV show in full.

    Linda revealed she’d been diagnosed with cancer in March

    ‘The tiredness is something else; I can’t even get through a whole programme on TV, I’m just wiped out. But I’m just glad they’re giving me treatment.’

    Going back to the same cancer centre in Preston, where she was first treated for her breast cancer, has also proved emotional for Linda, who hoped to never return there again.

    ‘When I finished my treatment 11 years ago I told the wonderful staff, “Hopefully I’ll never see you again”.

    ‘So when I first went in again it was very emotional. I was walking into the same rooms, I saw the same consultant. I just felt so sad to be back there. I thought I’d never return.’ Getting her through the tough journey to recovery is the memory of her sister Bernie, who passed away from cancer in 2013 at the age of 52.

    ‘But I’ve got Bernie in my ear the whole time saying, “You go for it”, so I’ve picked myself up. I owe it to her to keep fighting.’

    Linda also revealed this emotional time has brought back the pain of losing her husband, Brian, who died in 2007.

    ‘You just feel so alone, lying there with the machine buzzing. It’s hard not to shed a little tear.

    ‘I’ve felt a bit sorry for myself. Everything was good; then I fell up two stairs and my life changed. It brought losing Brian right back.

    ‘At night I wake myself up crying because he’s not there to hold my hand, to say, “It’s OK”. I think he’d be proud of me, of the way I’m trying to handle it.’

    In the interview, Linda also said her cancer is not curable but treatable – it’s just in her hip and pelvis and doctors have told her the prognosis is good.

    ‘They have women living with this for 15 to 20 years. I do go to my room and have a good cry, but I have to make every day count’, she said.

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