Lisa Riley hints at adoption plans after cancer concerns

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  • Beloved TV presenter and Emmerdale star Lisa Riley joined the Loose Women panel to talk about her family’s emotional history of cancer, revealing her mother’s battle with breast cancer and explaining why it’s made her fearful of having her own kids.

    As the hosts discussed the topic of genetic illnesses, Lisa explained how her grandfather, both grandmothers, and her mother were all forced to battle different cancers, and how losing her mother, her ‘rock’, affected her so deeply.

    The soap star, who recently lost a staggering 10 stone, said: ‘I’ve been suffocated by cancer, so of course, I’ve had to lift my own awareness.’

    She spoke out about how she unofficially knows she has the cancer gene, but doesn’t want to get tested at the doctor because she wants to live her life without constrictions and doesn’t want to be ‘branded’ by anything negative.

    ‘I can’t do it to myself. I’m the sort of person who lives every day for today. Whatever happens tomorrow happens. I don’t want someone to say to me “oh, you’ve got the gene pool” – I mean, it’s kind of obvious.’

    When asked about children, she then went on to explain her fears for having her own children naturally, as they may be faced with her possible future battle with cancer – something she would ‘never wish upon a child.’

    ‘For me, I don’t want to put a child through the pain I had to go through… I couldn’t do that to a child. So I have made that conscious decision that I’m not gonna have a child naturally.’

    Coleen then brought up the risk placed on any genetic kids she would have, as the cancer gene most likely could be passed on to them, and asked Lisa whether she would consider adoption.

    ‘It’s something that I’m very very much thinking about, adopting. I think I would be a wonderful mother, and could give a kid a great home and a lovely life. Who knows what’s round the corner?’

    Illness can be devastating for anybody, and we certainly hope that Lisa will continue being so sensible about her health. We look forward to seeing if she decides to adopt!