‘Everything that dangled is not dangling any more’ Lisa Riley reveals breast enhancement surgery

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  • Lisa Riley has revealed she’s undergone surgical breast enhancement, following her incredible 11 stone weight loss.

    The former Emmerdale star revealed the news on Loose Women, after panellists including Christine Bleakley, Linda Robson and Nadia Sawalha were left to guess who had the surgery.

    The 40-year-old star confessed, saying: ‘They’re still a little bit swollen so they’re bigger than they’re going to be.’

    Although she didn’t name the procedure she’d had, Lisa went on to explain that she’s not had the common silicone implants but instead opted for a natural alternative.

    ‘They’re not implants. After my op, you’re not allowed to shower for 11 days. I got in the shower thinking, “Heaven” I’ve got nothing to lift up, they’re just there.’

    Even though she was told by doctors that there was a high probability she would lose feeling in her breasts, Lisa said she still has full feeling.

    ‘They (surgeon) said there was a 75 per cent chance of losing feeling in the areola, but not for me. I have full feeling. Everything that dangled is not dangling anymore.’

    During the show, Lisa also dismissed concerns that she’s addicted to plastic surgery, following her operation to remove excess skin, saying that she’s ‘done’.

    ‘Absolute baloney. Absolute utter baloney. I’m not addicted to surgery. All I said was I can see how accessible it is, but that’s not for me, it’s not my yellow brick road, I’m done.’

    Lisa has been very open about her choice to undergo excess skin removal surgery, and has said that for her it wasn’t a choice, but a necessity.

    ‘Some people have said I’m choosing to do this, but in my head I had corrective surgery because I COULDN’T go on as I was. Everything was jiggling around’, she said on Loose Women after recovering from the surgery.

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