Lush relaunches 'magic' Sleepy lotion that's hailed as a remedy for insomnia

Some have credited it as being even more effective than prescription medication

Lush have brought back their Sleepy lotion due to customer demand, after it acquired a dedicated cult following and a reputation for banishing sleep problems.

The lotion was initially released last year as a limited edition exclusive, but glowing reviews online and multiple threads on social media have caught the attention of the manufacturers, who have now brought it back to stores nationwide.

The lavender scented, purple-hued lotion sold out quickly when it was first launched back in 2016, but fans were quick to fight for it to be added to the permanent line after it disappeared from shelves.

At the time, one Reddit user even claimed that the lotion had been the most effective treatment in lessening the severity of her chronic pain and subsequent insomnia, writing an impassioned post which gained plenty of community support.

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'When something so natural can make my life easier, by giving me something as simple as sleep.... I have to do everything I can to secure that option for myself,' she explained.

'To put my chronic pain which leads to the insomnia I wake up more days than not at a 7/10 on the pain scale and 10mg of Percocet hardly touches the pain and 10mg of Valium can't even help me relax enough to sleep....and of course; the symptoms get worse at night gets worse at night. All I know is that this product has changed my life.'

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And she wasn't the only one crediting the product, which is expertly blended with ingredients such as Oatmeal Infusion and organic Jojoba oil, for a good night's sleep.

Since its recent relaunch, it's gained plenty of positive attention on social media and on Lush's official website, too, with plenty of happy customers taking the time to leave glowing reviews.

One said: 'Oh man, I was SO happy to see this show up 6 months before I was expecting it! I have been using my small pot from Christmas sparingly - only when I was really stressed, or really having trouble falling asleep. That should tell you a bit about the magic of this lotion.'


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