Lush fans hail the Twilight Body Spray as the best thing since the 'magic' Sleepy lotion

The Lush Twilight Body Spray has been hailed as helping those with trouble sleeping get a good night's rest

Lush fans have been going wild for a lesser-known product from the scent-sational store, which shoppers claim is just as good as the popular 'magic' Lush Sleepy lotion which was hailed as a remedy for insomnia earlier this year.

The Lush Twilight body spray isn't new to Lush stores, but isn't as popular or is not as well known as its sell out shelf-mate – the Sleepy lotion.

However, all of that is about the change. The Twilight body spray contains many of the same ingredients as the popular Sleepy cream, combining lavender with tonka, as well as adding a twist of ylang ylang to make the Twilight range floral, sweet and unique.

As well as being wonderfully moisturising for you skin during the harsh winter months, the Lush Twilight body spray also has the same properties as the 'magic' Sleepy lotion which many claimed helped them tackle their sleep problems.

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The lavender oil in the body spray is balancing and calming, and fans of the product have said using it is so relaxing it helps them sleep at night, leaving them feeling 'so rested'.

'I have always had trouble sleeping but this body spray coupled with the Sleepy body lotion knocks me out cold. I always feel so rested after having used this and love the relaxing scent left on my bed sheets from the spray. I love these products so much and will be using them religiously from now on,' said one satisfied customer.

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'The smell of sleepy is amazing. And this spray is the exact same,' wrote another. 'I suffer with insomnia and although this hasn't completely helped with my sleep the smell helps calm and sooth… I will now be an avid user and hopefully my sleeping pattern will benefit from this.'

With five star reviews like this flooding in for the Lush Twilight body spray, we predict it's going to be very popular this Christmas. It's already sold out online, so you better get yourself down to your local Lush store ASAP if you want to get your hands on the latest must-have Lush creation…


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