Michelle Heaton reveals upset over ‘insensitive’ NHS letter received after hysterectomy

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  • Michelle Heaton has taken to Instagram to reveal her upset over an ‘insensitive’ letter she received from the NHS.

    The mum of two, who underwent a hysterectomy last year after it was found that she was carrying the BRCA2 gene, posted a picture of the letter she received saying she is no longer eligible for a cervical screening ‘because you no longer have a cervix’.

    The letter reads: ‘We have been advised that your name should be removed from the list of women eligible for cervical screening, This is because your medical records indicate that you do not have, or no longer have, a cervix.

    ‘I am therefore writing to confirm that you will no longer receive invitations to screening.’

    Michelle, 36, clearly shocked by the way the letter was worded, posted a picture with the caption: ‘Well.. I do love the #NHS .. But maybe there’s a reason why it’s #NHSDIRECT

    ‘A simple human emotion like “I’m sorry to hear that…” Would have made this so much better for me to read 😒😪’

    Michelle with her husband, Hugh Hanley

    Fans have been quick to lend their support to the former Liberty X star, posting messages of shock and anger under the photo calling it ‘disgusting’, ‘insensitive’ and ‘heartless’.

    One commenter said: ‘had that letter after my emergency hysterectomy i broke down xxxxx hope you okxxxx’, another said ‘Same here ! My letter was sent out to me about 4 weeks after my op ! Talk about kicking you while you are down :(‘ and another added: ‘What the!! That is disgusting you want to complain @wonderwomanshel’

    Michelle, who is mum to four-year-old daughter Faith and two-year-old son Aaron, underwent an operation to remove her womb, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes by elective surgery last year. She made the decision to opt for the surgery after discovering she had a higher risk of developing both ovarian and breast cancer, when a genetic test showed she was carrying the BRCA2 gene.

    My world #family I'm so lucky its ridiculous.. 😍

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    During an appearance on Loose Women earlier in the year, Michelle opened up about the tough decision.

    ‘I mean every time that I talk about this, or sometimes I’m out and about and women come up to me and sometimes they break down and they cry and then I cry and then we all cry,’ she said.

    ‘I was lucky I had one child already so I was blissfully aware almost. But then the other side of it is that hopefully Faith will be equipped with knowledge that many women [won’t have].’