This hack using a household product will help you get rid of red wine stains in your clothes

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  • We all have our favourite tipples that we like to have at different times of the year.

    Fresh spring time comes with white wine, in the hot summer we sip on rosé and G&Ts, but come the winter time it’s always red wine.

    There’s something comforting about sipping on a rich red wine on a cold January evening.

    But with that red wine comes a slightly fuzzy head that more often than not leads to pesky spillages that leaves us with a constant reminder of that glass of Pinot.

    But now a group of mums from Australia have revealed a clever hack that will wipe out those stubborn dark stains that your favourite winter tipple always leaves behind.

    And you can do it with something you’ve most probably already got in your fridge.

    Mums have taken to their social media pages to reveal the sneaky hack that leaves your clothes looking like new.

    Apparently all you have to do to make the most of the sneaky trick is soak your stained clothes in milk.

    Just put the dirty piece of clothing in a pan, pour milk over it and then pop it on the hob until it’s boiling.

    milk vanish red wine stain

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    Make sure to remove it from the heat before it bubbles too much and then leave it soaking for half an hour.

    After you’ve done that run it through the wash to get rid of the milk and you should be left stain-free.

    But how does it work? Well according to website Wide Open Eats milk is able to act as a solvent as it acts as both an acid and a base because it contains water, salts and fat.

    For even better removal use full fat milk, rather than skimmed or semi-skimmer.

    The wine will absorb into the fat in the milk instead of the fabric of the clothing, so the higher the fat content of your milk the more chance you have that the stubborn stains will disappear.

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