Holly Willoughby tries Gwyneth’s Paltrow’s £155 libedo-boosting ‘sex dust’ smoothie (and isn’t keen!)

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  • ‘Sex Dust’ has got everyone talking after Gwyneth Paltrow listed it in a smoothie recipe on her website Goop and Holly Willoughby tried the actresses’ concoction on This Morning.

    Sex dust is one of the six different types of ‘moon dust’ that Gwyneth mentions on her site. It’s not entirely clear what moon dust is, but sex dust – which costs around £42 for a 2oz pot – is one of the key ingredients the actress adds to her daily ‘moon dust’ smoothie that she describes as an ‘ancient’ recipe. It apparently includes ingredients ‘from ho shou wu to cacao and maca’ that will ‘send sensitivity and power to all the right places, supporting primordial energy and vital essence.’

    Image: Goop

    Other ingredients listed in the moon dust smoothie, which Gwyneth’s website claims she drinks one of every morning whether she’s detoxing or not, include Maca, Vanilla Mushroom Protein Podwer and Almond Butter. The list goes on to total unusual ingredients that amount to more than £155.

    Never ones to sit by and let a new trend take off and leave them behind, This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield gave Gwyneth’s smoothie a go live on air – including the libido-boosting sex dust powder.

    Judging by their facial expressions the pair weren’t fans, with Holly describing the smoothie as ‘salty peanut butter milk’.

    The mum of three goes on to joke that she has ‘an app that makes you look younger than you are, and that’s free.’

    Despite the hefty list of ingredients Gwyneth describes the smoothie recipe as ‘basic’, telling Refinary 29: ‘This is an extremely basic version — you can put in bananas or berries. Sometimes I put in half of a sweet potato and make like a little pumpkin pie smoothie. And that’s really it.’

    The actress has recently reveled that she plans to take a step back from the big screen to concentrate more on her lifestyle website Goop. Speaking on the Today show she said Goop was her ’24/7 focus right now,’ before adding: ‘We took some investment last year, so as soon as we had other people’s money, I realised I really better focus on this completely.’

    ‘I’ll return to acting probably, but probably not right now,’ she concluded.