Mum shares her amazing 11 STONE weight loss journey on Facebook

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  • A mum has tracked her incredible journey to lose 11 stone on her Facebook page.

    Mum-of-three Casey Gemmell noticed that she started gaining weight after having children and not paying attention to what she was eating.

    In an interview with the New Zealand magazine Kidspot, she said: ‘I knew that I’d gained a bit of mum tum over the years, but in my head it wasn’t that bad. When I first saw the party photos, I didn’t think it was me. I looked nothing like Batgirl, it was more like ‘Fatgirl’.

    Casey weighed 11 and a half stone when she met her husband Julian. But by the time their youngest child was born, she weighed 25 stone and was a size 28.

    However, after deciding to undergo a major lifestyle change, she has since lost an incredible 11 stone(156lbs) and created a Facebook page to share her journey.

    On one Facebook post, Casey encourages her followers, noting that even the small improvements can make the biggest difference.

    She said: ‘I’m always encouraging people to celebrate milestones and victories no matter how small, as something that is a big deal to you might be taken for granted by someone else. Case in point – cutting my toenails used to be near on impossible as my tummy was so big I couldn’t get my leg up and I couldn’t reach over my ginormous boobs nor could I bend my leg much as my thighs just wouldn’t allow it… Look at me now, knee to chin cutting those bad boys like a boss!!’

    Since incorporating weight training into her fitness programme, Casey’s put on half a stone since last December but also lost 24cm from her body. She has since used her page to show that you shouldn’t only think about how much you weigh, but how healthy you feel.

    She said in a post: ‘So please people, if you are on your own journey and you see a wee gain dont give up, dont self shame look and see if your measurements have changed. Lets face it – scales are for fish 😛 the tale of the tape is where its at :)’.